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If you are looking for an 1800 compact keyboard with Exact 100 keys and a minimal attractive design. this keyboard also fits in your hand and you can type easily and accurately without any accidental press. then you came to the right place. because we have enlisted all those keyboards which full fill your requirements. 1800 compact keyboard is a must-have for anyone who needs a convenient, easy-to-use, accurate, durable option that helps them get more done!

1800-compact keyboards are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they are easy to carry around and also work well for people with hand or wrist problems who would find traditional keyboards difficult to use.


1800-compact keyboards can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as when you’re traveling and want to be able to type on your laptop without bringing the full-size keyboard along.

Here we will show you 1800 compact keyboard reviews from two different manufacturers: Cherry and DROP, both of which have great products that should meet all your needs!

The perfect keyboard is one that fits your needs and preferences. We’ve put together this guide to help you decide which 1800 compact keyboard will work best for what type of music, style, or application!


  • Cherry G80-1800
  • Drop Shift Mechanical Keyboard

Let’s Dig into More Detail About these keyboards.

Cherry G80-1800

Cherry G80 Mechanical Keyboard is a compact-sized keyboard with mechanical switches. It has USB-C connectivity and a special lighting feature. The Cherry G80 uses Kailh Silver Switches which are linear switches and are noiseless when you press them.

The Cherry G80 comes in Space Gray color and is 99 keys, it also includes a switch puller, 56-inch USB cable, Keycap puller, etc., the cherry g80 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions.


The Cherry G80-1800 is a basic 1800 compact keyboard that comes standard with your choice of Cherry MX switches. You also get to decide between white or black colored cases, which would make this an excellent office companion!

The entire home cluster rests on top of the number pad so you have access not only to the regular keys found in full-sized keyboards but also to all those extras like navigation arrows and function keys options too – it’s perfect for professionals who need every advantage they can get at work.


It the Minimal in design with a beautiful layout. The short form of a Full-Sized Keyboard and designed well so it is very easy to carry when traveling, you can use this keyboard anywhere your laptop conveys its services too!

The sleek and stylish design of the keyboard makes for an enjoyable typing experience. The placement is also very close but in no way uncomfortable or difficult to reach when needed ̷It has been said that this standard layout ergonomics make it easy on your fingers with its compact size which allows you more time during work/study sessions than most traditional keyboards do

Making this perfect among those looking for both affordability AND quality!


The keyboard is made from high-quality materials which will last for a long time. You can’t really tell when it’s flexing or bending because of its rigid design, ensuring that this product has no weaknesses in terms of durability!

Quality According to Price Point

The G80-1800 offers incredible build quality at an affordable price point – making it one tough piece o’ hardware worth considering if you’re looking to buy yourself something nice without breaking your budget too much

MX Black Switches

My least favorite thing about typing on a computer keyboard is when the keys start to stick. I’ve been able t overcome this issue with some workarounds, but what if there was another way?

The Cherry MX Black switch solves all my problems and then some! These linear gold crosspoint switches are not only smooth as silk – but they also make minimal noise because of their lack of feedback.

You can type at any time without worrying about being heard by others around you or waking up your pet poodle snail who likes hogging out all internet bandwidth just waiting for me to play youtube videos while he hibernates during winter months (true story).

Best Feature: Arrow Keys

I am a fan of how the arrow keys are slightly spaced apart from each other and have an easily distinguishable feel to them. This makes it super simple to find your way around while typing, even if you’re using both hands at once!

In addition, this board comes standard with PBT keycaps which means there won’t be any shine developing over time- just pure beauty as soon as it leaves our warehouse door.


Overall, this is a great keyboard for the price. It’s good if you prefer typing with less flash but still want to have that comfortable feeling of actual keys under your fingers instead of just electronic ones.

It does provide some level of touch in addition to its soft-touch finish and raised dome keycaps which make them easier on the eyes than usual as well! So yes – even though there are cheaper keyboards out there (especially nowadays).

I’m sure not one person would regret getting themselves such an excellent device when they can get so much bang for their buck here.

In my opinion, the Cherry G80-1800 keyboard is a better choice than its newer counterpart because of how well made it feels and also due to MX black switches which provide great feedback without making any noise.

I can see someone who types or plays games benefitting from this too.!

Drop Shift Mechanical Keyboard

Drop Shift Mechanical Keyboard is a premium mechanical keyboard suggested by the mechanical keyboard community due to its aluminum body and RGB lighting. It features custom-molded keycaps, a USB-C connection, and an aluminum baseplate for optimum performance. The Drop Shift keyboard is specifically designed to support your typing needs so you can work faster and more efficiently.

The Drop Shift keyboard has been ergonomically designed to provide the best comfort and experience possible. The keys have been individually milled so that each one fits perfectly in place without any overlap or gaps. This makes it easier to type accurately while preventing miss-Press


The sleek and modern design of this keyboard is sure to catch your eye. The small size makes it easy for storage, but don’t let its compactness fool you!

This product has all the features that make a laptop great: full-size keys (with tactile feel), magnetic feet so both standard angles or reverse tilt can be used without worry about them sliding around on surfaces easily impairing typing speed.

Additional buttons under the space bar allow control over volume levels as well audio input/output functions like using headphones while recording video through microphone also present themselves here quite nicely indeed.

There is no need at any point during work hours to disrupt focus with loud noises e.g from the top row unless one desires they should happen either.

Build Quality

Keyboard kit Material and Design: The most important thing to consider with a keyboard is the material it is made of, this will determine how durable your product will be as well as how long-lasting its durability actually turns out to be.

Metal Casing

The metal casing used with Drop Shift makes for an extremely sturdy build that won’t break or bend easily under pressure even if you drop it multiple times (I don’t recommend doing such things though). There are also rubber feet on the bottom which prevent slipping and sliding from occurring while typing no matter what surface they’re being placed onto –

Just remember not to use them in conjunction with those provided by your laptop’s case because too much friction can lead to some damage over time!

Gaming: RGB Lighting

The Shift has a lot of RGB Backlighting. There’s full per-key lighting that shines up through the keycaps, and it also wraps around the edges with silver to make for an elegant look in any environment.

Not just one where you want something eye-catching like on your desktop or computer screen! You can turn off this backlit if needed too; but why would anyone do so?

The best thing about this keyboard kit is its awesome-looking keys (especially those gray ones) paired down by soft white effects against sleek black tops which really lets them shine while still fitting into today’s minimalist lifestyles incredibly well.

is it worth it?

It’s worth noting that the keyboard has onboard hotkeys for cycling through preset RGB patterns, adjusting brightness, and other lighting-related functions. You only need to use your web browser as it comes with intricate custom designs where you can change every key by hand if needed!

This 1800 keyboard is a great keyboard available on the market. If you are looking for an 1800-compact keyboard with Exact 100 keys and a minimal attractive design then this Keyboard also fits in your hand and you can type easily and accurately without any accidental press.,

This product has all the features that make a laptop great: full-size keys (with tactile feel), magnetic feet so both standard angles or reverse tilt can be used without worry about them sliding around on surfaces easily impairing typing speed. Additional buttons under the space bar allow over volume levels as well audio


The Drop Shift mechanical keyboard is an ingenious, full-size typing instrument that feels great to type on. It’s also a niche pick because of its high price and configurable options but if you can get past these shortcomings then this could be your favorite key switch ever!

Why do we Enlist These Keyboards?

We have many options of 1800-Compact Mechanical keyboards accordingly gaming, Bluetooth, Functionality, Most Efficient Keyboard layouts, essential Keys, Compact Design e.t.c Like Royal kludge.

But we have not enlisted them because these are not available in Market Right Now and Used keyboards or Old Keyboards of the same version do not Perform as Originally designed Performs. So Due to these Purchase issues we’ve not added these best 1800 compact mechanical keyboards to our list!

Want More Info About 1800-Compact keyboard: Keyboards Sizes

What is an 1800 Compact Mechanical Keyboard?

The 1800-Compact keyboards have been gaining popularity as more companies start using them in their products. They offer all those qualities without being Too bulky keyboard size or taking up too much room on your valuable desk space! We’ll take some time exploring these wonderful pieces, so check them out below:

Keys on 1800-Compact Keyboard

There are only 100 keys on the 1800 Compact 96%, but some people have found that they need All the keys/ more. So it’s important to research what is best for your needs and experiences before buying anything!


The 1800 Compact Keyboards from Full-size and TKL keyboards. This is a keyboard layout that merges all of the features you would find on one, but occupies very little space at your desk; making it different than other full-size or ergonomic models out there today!

The 1800 compact keyboard layout has the smallest number pad you can get without getting rid of it! This keyboard caters to people who enjoy using a computer and need extra space but don’t want anything too big for their workspace or home decorating style.

The best version for this type of device? You guessed it–a mechanical gaming marvel built just for gamers with wide key spacing (and no Browns!) in order not only to feel comfortable while typing fast but keep up as well without any issues whatsoever across multiple genres.

Result/ Final thoughts

There are a lot of other keyboards out there that have the same layout, but not all of them feel as comfortable to type on. This means it can be difficult if you want one for yourself or your office space! The 1800 compact is designed with an even-handedness so everyone in the room feels equally at ease while they’re using their computer equipment.

Plus this size hasn’t been widely used which makes finding models both hard and expensive online since few companies make products specifically tailored towards these needs…

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