ABS VS PBT KEYCAPS 2022 – Which keycaps are the Best?

ABS vs PBT keycaps

If you’ve noticed this post, you’ve shown up at the period of “what keycaps do I get” of the mechanical mechanical keyboard recreation movement or which category is best .we will review a best difference between ABS vs PBT keycaps. .


In the past significant length of mechanical keyboards, the normal understanding was that PBT was preferable and more charming over ABS from any point of convergence. Unfortunately, it’s not longer that clear.

GMK lunacy cleared the virtual universes and as of now the decision on ABS versus PBT is altogether more nuanced. Which one would it be prudent for you to pick? You’re not a plastics engineer how are you expected to realize which darn polymer to pick?

The target of this post is to help you with lessening your decisions.

ABS keycaps

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic is an emulsion, where different materials that don’t usually consolidated are offset as one due to hotness, scouring and mixing. ABS plastic is a thermoplastic, it will in general be condensed down and remolded viably, making it an especially recyclable plastic. ABS’ stable nature and effortlessness of dissolving and frivolity choose it a notable material choice.

LEGO blocks are ABS plastic, as are power gadget lodgings.
ABS keycaps are the standard which everyone knows about, if you had a pre-manufactured PC growing up, it more then likely had an ABS console. This early impression of ABS keycaps gave it its hidden standing. Unassuming, will obscure, and generally undesirable.
ABS as a material is more sensitive to warm and can be made viably with trim. The keycaps that arose during the start of PCs were modest and financially made. The keycaps were are still fine, they’re solid and can bear a huge load of creating while not costing enormous load of cash.

PBT keycaps

PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) plastic is moreover a thermoplastic polymer that has a semi-clear development. PBT is more hotness protected than ABS, and general more impenetrable to wear. PBT can be mixed in with various materials to make unprecedented properties, either in feel or strength.

PBT is often used when a thing requires engineered or hotness resistance or more raised degrees of immovability and assurance from impact and weight. You will find PBT in a huge load of where wellsprings of hotness and disintegration are nearby, engine and motor covers, and equipment internal parts are typical utilizations for PBT.
PBT keycaps are sturdier and thicker than ABS keycaps. The PBT creating process requires thicker dividers and the plastic is characteristically more hotness and crushing proof. PBT keycaps have a described surface, with an essential benefit of being impenetrable to obscuring and shining.

ABS VS PBT keycaps

There are a few 4 place realities while differentiating PBT and ABS. Outside of these convictions, various things, for instance, cost and thickness of keycaps are dependent upon creator.

ABS will get shimmering and smooth, PBT will not

ABS keycaps will wear with use, causing the external layer of the cap to become shinier and slipperier. This shimmering will cause your keycaps to look clashing on the higher use covers.
PBT keycaps save their surface and quest for an altogether longer time span.

How long time before ABS shines?

This depends upon how oftentimes you’re using the PC, and how energetically you type. People have declared shimmer inside a half year with it reliably getting shinier.

ABS conveys a gentler sound, PBT produces a crisper sound

ABS is a gentler plastic and produces a milder, gentler sound. PBT is all the more energetically and produces a more material sound. Nor is better, it’s up to the tendency, yet there is a huge load of aficionados of the sound a first-class ABS keycap like GMK produces.

ABS will have all the more vivacious coloring options

ABS keycaps are generally extra powerful with way more arrangement decisions from different producers. ABS is easier to mix tones into.

PBT has several concealing options anyway they’re regularly not broadcasting splendid vibes that you can find on ABS covers.
PBT is more disposed to turning and bowing on greater keycap sizes
PBT keycaps loathe twisting when chilling in the collecting framework, this is by and large expressed in long keys, especially 7u spacebars.

4 kinds of keycaps

Unobtrusive ABS keycaps

These are the keycaps that everyone knows about, they’re the default keycaps of pack-in consoles. Humble ABS keycaps are the most thin covers you’ll find. More thin plastic will convey a more slim sounding creating sound, to some degree more unfilled.

Unobtrusive ABS keycaps routinely go with printed legends, and that implies close by these covers getting lustrous after a few time, the legends will similarly zero in on.

Spending Budget PBT

Spending plan PBT is to some degree more exorbitant than ABS. Spending plan PBT is for the most part comparable energy as prevalent PBT. It’s a near thickness due PBT creating necessities. The material between spending plan PBT and premium PBT is moreover generally the same, you can expect comparable sound and surface properties from Budget PBT.

Where spending plan PBT compromises is on the arrangement, not a huge load of detail will go into concealing
energy or precision.

You can observe pad-printed, shading sublimated, and twofold shot keycaps in this PBT esteem range.
Monetary arrangement PBT is most likely going to keep down on QA. PBT will in general contort as it cools, achieving bowed keycaps, space bars can be unmistakably misshaped. Luckily, you can un-turn a keycap by warming it up with a blow dryer and setting the cap against a straight edge.

Incredible spots to find spending plan PBT: Tao Bao, AliExpress, Amazon, Mechanicalkeyboards.com

Premium PBT

Premium PBT resembles spending plan PBT yet they center more enthusiastically around quality confirmation, concealing and plan.

You’ll have the choice to notice more unique plans and tones with premium PBT sets. Premium PBT keycap makers in like manner make covers in various profiles, strikingly Cherry and SA profiles.

Premium PBT will go with shading sub or twofold shot legends with more unique winds and accents.
More noteworthy standards will in like manner result in less mutilated spacebars and covers generally with premium PBT sets.

Incredible PBT keycap makers to note: enjoyPBT, Hammerworks, Signature Plastics, Infinity

Premium ABS

Premium ABS includes comparative base ABS plastic as the monetary arrangement stuff. Premium ABS is known to have an enormous heap of plan choices, limited runs by GMK have made a couple of remarkable keycap sets.

Premium ABS is thicker than the more affordable ABS keycaps, achieving an all the more full, truly satisfying making sound.

Premium key covers are at this point leaned to shimmer and discoloration over a long stretch, the legends are for the most part twofold shot so you won’t find those obscuring.

Incredible ABS brands to note: GMK

I care most about acoustics

Get uncommon ABS keycaps from GMK. Thick ABS keycaps produce a milder, more settled sound that numerous people consider to be fulfilling.

I was unable to say whether I care about gleaming plastic

At some point or another in your life you must’ve run over ABS shimmering, remember your first PC or a school console, review that gleaming spot on the spacebar, that is what ABS shimmer takes after.

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What are keycap profiles?

Keycaps can have different shapes to oblige for different forming tendencies. Some keycaps are absolutely in profile, some have a slope or a curve. Unmistakable keycap profiles in like manner have different heights. Check out our post on keycap profiles.

What are twofold shot keycaps?

Twofold shot keycaps have a legend that is contained another layer of plastic, and that implies the legend is truly eliminated from the major keycap dwelling and filled in with another plastic. Twofold shot keycaps ensure that the legends will not at any point obscure or zero in on, and it gives a tremendous heap of concealing decisions for keycaps

What’s the best keycap?

There isn’t one. Keycaps are absolutely up to tendency, if you haven’t endeavored other keycap materials or profiles, I’d suggest endeavoring a more affordable keycap set and check whether you like it, I saw that way that I love the cherry profile anyway could manage without XDA.

What are pudding keycaps?

Putting keycaps have a transculent side housing with a hazy top, making for a smooth lighting sway.

ABS versus PBT: What’s Better?

It’s absolutely up to individual tendency. Certain people genuinely regard the tones and sharp choices that ABS gives and wouldn’t worry that keys get shinier after some time.