Best Guide On Keycap Styles 2022 – A Complete Review

While picking the ideal keycap styles, a significant customization choice to consider is the keycap profile you plan on utilizing. This article means to respond to the inquiry “What is the motivation behind etched keycap sets?” and “Which keycap profile would it be a good idea for me to buy?”. Ideally it will fill in as a decent go-to keycap profile guide for anybody hoping to modify their keyboard!


A keycap profile depicts the state of the keycaps on a given column of a keyboard . The primary thoughts behind “etched” keycap sets are ergonomics and feel. Similarly as with all perspectives with altering your mechanical keyboard , the “best” keycap profile for you is emotional and relies upon your own inclination. Ideally with this outline, you will actually want to settle on which keycap sets to test. Actually, I have viewed that the etched keycap sets as simpler to type on since it is more straightforward to feel where your fingers are on the board assuming the statures shift. Simultaneously, non-etched uniform keycap profiles like Signature Plastics’ DSA (here’s the well known keyset DSA Granite as of now on special!) give an exceptionally perfect and insignificant stylish that I likewise like the appearance of.

Best Guide On Keycap Styles 2022

Before we go straight into the subtleties on explicit keycap profiles, I need to go over a couple of central matters of correlation. Kindly utilize this table to skip around assuming you want to:

Uniform/Flat versus Etched Profiles

As may be obvious, the distinction between a level profile and a normal profile is uncommon and recognizably affects how you type. Other than etched and non-etched, keycaps profiles are additionally arranged into “prominent” versus “medium profiles” depicting the stature of the keycaps. While the over two profiles are instances of etched versus uniform, they are both medium profiles.

High versus Medium Profiles -Keycap STyles

Prominent keycaps are basically taller than medium profile. As far as reasonableness, a ton of individual keebnerds concur that SA and other prominent places are hard to type on and certainly take some becoming acclimated to. Despite the fact that the profile might be a smidgen harder to type on, the SA profile gives a vintage look and remarkable sound with every keystroke that are answerable for its lifelong fans.

There are likewise low profile keycap sets anyway in the custom mechanical keyboard side interest, they are significantly more uncommon. These would be the “chiclet” type keys like what you would see on a PC.

Circular versus Cylindrical Profiles

Circular or Cylindrical portrays the real state of the highest point of the keycap where your fingers, paws, toes, whatever, interact with the keycap. In spite of the fact that they affect how the keycaps feel, they are normally to a lesser degree a central consideration as different parts of the keyset. The primary distinction between the two sorts is the “pattern” on the highest point of the keycap. This should be visible in the correlation beneath. Albeit the photographs show the keycaps from a side-view, you can see that there is a bend every which way in the SA profile while the DCS profile is level. On the off chance that you pivoted the DCS keycap 90 degrees, you would see the bend heading just in one path.

The following is a thorough correlation outline made by/u/gtderEvan that is incredibly valuable for contrasting keycap profiles.
Goodness… So heaps of confounding abbreviations up to this point: SA, DCS, DSA, OEM, WHAT IS THIS STOP IT PLS.
Nothing to stress over. Generally, what the abbreviations rely on is really superfluous yet they are constantly used to portray the keycap profile. From here, I’ll go over each profile and cover the accompanying:
1: Who produces it?
2: What are the key elements?
3: What are some that I can purchase now?
4: History, remarks, and whatnot.


Fast Disclosure: There are like, such countless connections on this page to some truly marvelous stuff; we should discuss them. A portion of these connections are member joins which intends that assuming you click on them and purchase something, The Keeblog might procure an itty bitty commission at no additional expense for you. That being said, you can have confidence that The Keeblog won’t ever at any point suggest something either untested or known to have issues. I’ll just suggest what, as I would like to think, is great stuff. So thanks ahead of time in the event that you decide to click!


Made by: Signature Plastics, GMK, JTK, different makers.
Key elements: Most normal keycap profile. Thought about the norm. Accompanies most retail mechanical keyboard you can purchase.
Sets that you can purchase now:
DCS ($75+):You can get these from Signature Plastics straightforwardly.
DCS Midnight. Base set with Alphas Only at $45.00 and Modifiers at $30.00. Decent mint-chocolate looking colorway the commended nature of Signature Plastics.

GMK ($100+): Original Cherry keycap tooling. GMK Keysets are viewed as store (super premium) and are the very pinnacle of value in the mechanical keyboard side interest. They are fabricated in Germany and are known for their surface, thickness, and sturdiness. I will go a lot further into GMK in ongoing articles. The best spot to buy GMK keysets without sitting tight for a gathering purchase is Originative. Simply realize that with GMK keycaps, you are purchasing quality and accordingly, the cost will be steep. You can hope to spend between $100 up to $300 for a GMK Keycap set.

Drop + Redsuns GMK Red Samurai Keycap Set for 65% Keyboards – Compatible with Cherry MX Switches and Clones (65% 75-Key Kit).

Wild KEYCAPS WITH AN EDGE – Strap on some reinforcement, unsheath your katana, and get ready to guard your work area: GMK Red Samurai, the first keycap set from architect RedSuns, highlights a striking colorway suggestive of a Japanese hero’s shield.

THICK and COMPATIBLE DOUBLESHOT ABS – Made in Germany utilizing custom Cherry tooling, this GMK Red Samurai pack’s keycaps are produced using 1. 5-millimeter-thick doubleshot ABS for life span and strength
SWITCH COMPATIBILITY – Sculpted in Cherry profile, GMK Red Samurai is viable with Cherry MX switches and clones including yet not restricted to Kaihua, Halo, and Gateron.

keyboard COMPATIBILITY – This keyboard pack is explicitly intended for our CTRL (TKL), ALT (65%), SHIFT (Full 1800), Preonic, and Planck (Ortho) keyboard and other, comparable sheets with similar formats
65% KIT – This 75-key unit will cover the ALT and 65% keyboard with a similar format and viable switches.
JTK ($65+): China-based maker. Among the other “OEM” keycap makers, JTK keycaps are for the most part better and utilize thicker plastic molds to emulate the sound and feel of GMK. The main spot JTK is truly missing is in the consistency of the legends on each keycap. Despite the fact that it isn’t quickly observable, a few letters might come out more slender or thicker than others and there is plausible that the arrangement is marginally off on these sets. All things considered, on the off chance that you will not be scrutinizing your mechanical keyboard to look at each key’s legends, it probably won’t have a gigantic effect. You can likewise buy JTK keycaps prepared to transport at Originative.

Other OEM/Chinese Manufactured sets (sub-$50): Since Cherry profile keycaps are viewed as the standard in the leisure activity as well as in the tech business for a mechanical keyboard, you will actually want to track down a ton of reasonable/less expensive options on Amazon. YMDK being a noticeable name on Amazon for lower-end keycap sets is a famous decision for those new to the custom mechanical keyboard side interest. They have a lot of sets accessible on Amazon under or around $50 for you to test. Here are some OEM Profile keycaps accessible NOW:

SA Profile

Made by: Signature Plastics (Original), Maxkey, ONECAP
Key highlights: High profile, Sculpted, Spherical (Thank you u/japanitrat for bringing up that!). They may likewise be sold as all Row 3 importance it is a uniform profile, for example, the SA Ice Cap set sold by Signature Plastics.

MAXKEY ($99+):

Maxkey, albeit not the first maker of SA actually creates nice quality SA profile keycaps. What Maxkey has over Signature Plastics in any case, is that they have more colorways accessible sold through different affiliates. I for one would in any case buy direct from the first producers since you can guarantee you get quality and the valuing is about the equivalent at any rate.

I would enthusiastically suggest that you buy the sets delivered by the first fabricates, for example, Signature Plastics since they give quality that essentially can not be reproduced.

I have tracked down that DROP (previously Massdrop) is currently posting a portion of their cooperation SA Keysets on Amazon! These are created by the first maker Signature Plastics.

Additionally accessible on Amazon are keycaps that are not produced by Signature Plastics. You’ll see brands like YMDK and OneCap on Amazon. and keeping in mind that these won’t have the quality you would find in the first producer’s keycap sets, they will in any case keep going you seemingly forever. You might find that these keycap sets are normally less expensive and have a more extensive accessibility of colorways (Article: Colorways) that were beforehand just accessible through bunch purchases in restricted amounts.

KAT Profile

There is likewise another variation in view of the SA profile known as the KAT profile. KAT keycaps are essentially a more limited, smoother form of SA profile keycaps as of late sold out by our companions at Kono Store (KAT Alphas Product Page). Here is a fast examination of the profile.

SA-P Profile

Made by: Signature Plastics!

Key elements: A variety of Signature Plastics’ unique SA profile keycaps, the new SA-P profile keysets are made with new PBT, which is an alternate kind of plastic than the ones utilized in SA. These keycaps are somewhat thicker and have a pleasant finished completion to them.
Sets that you can purchase now: The SA-P Profile’s presentation with their “Modern” colorway was predominantly fruitful and is as of now unavailable

MT3 Profile by Matt3o

Made by: Matt3o

Key Features: As Matt3o notes on his MT3 About Page, this keycap profile is “NOT a Signature Plastic SA Clone”. It is an alternate monster altogether. The surface is matte and finished, color sublimated legends are unmistakable conversely, with the keycap shading, and the superior look of the prominent is out and out rich. The surface shape doesn’t by and large feel circular like the SA profile yet a greater amount of a diagonal inclination shape that is fulfilling to the touch.
Matt3o is likewise at present underway of finishing some magnificent colorways for the profile and as of late had a fruitful group buy through for the Godspeed colorway. I really caught the curiosity unit for me and use it on my macro pad:

MG High-profile by Melgeek

Made by:
Key highlights: Look at it! It’s excellent. The MG High-profile is Melgeek’s own version of a high-keycap profile. It includes a perfectly chiseled profile with ABS doubleshot legends meaning you don’t have to stress over your legends wearing off over the long run. This profile additionally comes in two select colorways. You can get more subtleties at Melgeek’s MG Ember Product Page.

DSS Profile

Made by: Signature Plastics
Key elements: Yet another marvelous Signature Plastics! This a fresher keycap profile once again introduced only this year (initially from the 80’s) that takes all that individuals love about their DSA profile and conveying it a marvelous etched profile improved for typing by memory. One of those includes that were persisted is the finished feel of DSA keycaps which is plainly apparent in the photograph above. This is etched profile gives a smooth look to your keyboard and is somewhat more limited than SA profile and nearer to OEM/Cherry profile keycap as far as tallness.

MDA Profile by Melgeek

Made by: Melgeek
Key elements: MDA profile keycap sets are effectively recognizable by the formed profile. From a side profile, you can see an exceptionally clear and uniform concaveness as the plan is intended to look smooth. Individual keycaps for this profile have an extremely wide and level surface. MDA profile keycaps ordinarily have color sublimated legends and are caused of PBT plastic and have a smooth to believe to them.
Very much like the MG profile, this mindfully planned keycap profile is delivered and possessed by Melgeek. That being said, kindly visit their store first assuming you are keen on giving one of these sets a shot! A lot of choices accessible and a great deal of choices for modifiers accompany the unit so you can be certain that it will be viable with most formats.

XDA Profile

Made by: Various makers (conventional)
Key highlights: Uniform across various lines. Level, medium stature keycap profile that normally created with PBT and color sublimated legends. XDA profile keysets as a rule highlight exceptional legend text styles and have an extraordinary surface shape that is more similar to an adjusted square than the standard round versus round and hollow concavity. It has a finished vibe and a marginally compliment surface.

DSA Profile

Made by: Signature Plastics, YMDK
Key elements: Yet one more exemplary by Signature Plastics! DSA is the go-to uniform profile in the side interest. It might likewise be delivered by a few Chinese makers and brands like YMDK on Amazon for inexpensively assuming you are searching for ensured quality I would suggest purchasing direct from Signature Plastics since they are the first maker and producer of DSA profile keycaps. With DSA profile, you can anticipate agreeably finished surfaces, marginally more limited profile for a compliment look, and either twofold shot OR color sublimated keycaps.

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