Best Guide: The perfect keyboard for big hands

Do you have large hands that are hard to work with on compact keyboards? Ever wish there was a special keyboard that could fit your hand? Well, today is your lucky day! There are large key keyboard options for big hands, and we’re here to help you find the perfect one.

We’ll tell you about what makes a keyboard great for people with larger hands, how to research keyboards before buying them online, and which keyboard might be best for you. We hope this advice will make it easier than ever to find the keyboard of your dreams!

We will find a best guideto find the perfect keyboard for big hands.

These keyboards helps you to stretch your fingers out and relax.

Even you can also see that both your speed and typing accuracy improve day by day without needing to practice at all.

These keyboard for big hands are listed below:

  • Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard
  • Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business 5KV-00001
  • microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 b2m for Retail

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is on the top of our keyboard list for big hands because it’s comfortable and well-designed.

This keyboards also for those user with bigger hands that deals well with gaming necessities,This is a streamlined and ideal option.
This wireless mechanical keyboard design has a rechargeable long battery life that charges quickly, and the connection uses a 2.4ghz Frequency to avoid dropouts.
The Logitech K800 is a decent wireless mechanical keyboard. It offers good tactile feedback and has white backlighting if you need to work late at night, but people looking for an excellent typing experience will be disappointed by its flimsiness in comparison with other models on the market today that offer better quality construction overall .


The design of Logitech K800 keyboard is very ergonomically based.
It’s keyboard has great palm rest and the function keys are not too close together which makes it good for people with big hands.

This keyboard is very slim and the letters are backlit keys which makes it perfect for working in low light conditions.


Height 0.9″ (2.4 cm)
Width 17.8″ (45.1 cm)
Depth  7.7″ (19.6 cm)
Weight  1.98 lbs (0.900 kg)

Build Quality

The Logitech K800’s solid build quality is mediocre. It features an entirely plastic frame, as well as a very flexible board with cheap looking rubber edges that peel off easily when touched or stepped on too roughly which gives it away for being low end in terms of construction materials at least aesthetically speaking? The keycaps are also prone to shine because they’re made out of cheaper plastics than some other brands so if your hands happen not glide nicely across them then there might be some residue left behind after typing due this material choice I believe.

It doesn’t really matter where you place these keyboards since pushing down hard will make everything shift around anyway.
It’s not the keyboard for people who want to type with confidence, but it should work well enough if you’re looking for a keyboard that can stay still on your desk.


The Logitech K800’s ergonomics are smooth and decent. It has a small/slim fixed wrist support rest and one incline setting for more comfortable typing experience, but it falls easily when applying pressure on keyboard which is annoying .


The logitech k800’s build quality is ordinary and medicore.The entire part of frame is made from plastic and the board is very flexible. The underside of the keyboard made of rubber housing that makes a keyboard peels off easily,which gives off a rather cheap feeling.In this keyboard a keycaps are also very cheap and prone to shine.

Wireless Versatility

The Logitech Craft is a much better option if you need to use your keyboard for multiple devices. It can pair with up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices, and because of its charging dock it doesn’t require any batteries at all.


The Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard’s typing quality is just okay. It has a nice tactile feel thanks to the scissor mechanical switches, although it might feel mushy and cheap-feeling due its bulky keycaps with little travel for such an expensive product line (around $150). On the upside there are some good features including stability in keys that make these keyboards great if you work long hours every day of your life.
This keyboard is the perfect place to type without bothering your colleagues. The quiet clickety-clacks will blend in with any open office environment and let you focus on what matters most: getting work done!
The Logitech Options software is rather limited. There’s no way to save profiles on the best gaming keyboard, and there are only a few dedicated keys where you can select macro options; however they have been preset for your convenience with what seems like an endless list of choices in each category.
The calculator, print screen and pause break keys don’t work on macOS. However this keyboard is fully compatible with Windows computers because it has been tested thoroughly in multiple environments to ensure compatibility across different operating systems including Linux as well..

Bottom Line

The Logitech K800 is a decent office keyboard. If you’re looking for something with good ergonomics, this one isn’t bad – though some might find the fixed wrist rest annoying and prefer to adjust their mouse or laptop’s monitor angle instead! Typing on it offers just okay quality as well but wireless connection helps reduce clutter from wires cluttered up your workspace while still being able offer fast responses time with the use of responsive keys which many people will appreciate in an increasingly busy world where dozens of tasks need completion every day before lunchtime begins again tomorrow morning (and who has that kind).

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The design of Logitech MK270 Wireless full featured Keyboard and Mouse Combo are tailored to fit users with larger hands. The keyboard has a learned curve keyboard deck and oversized Enter and Backspace keys that make it easier to type. Plus, the mouse is contoured to fit comfortably in your hand.

Pros And Cons

The Logitech MK270 Wireless standard Keyboard has a springy typing feel, customizable middle mouse button, and it’s super easy to set up. It also includes three programmable keys so you can customize your experience according to what works best for each game or application! The only drawback? Both the keyboard and mouse are cheap in quality– they have loud clicking noises when pressed down on (which is common among inexpensive pieces), there isn’t much Mac support available with this device due its wireless nature of operation; however if those features don’t matter then by all means go ahead an buy one today.


The Logitech MK270 is a lightweight and compact keyboard, weighing about one pound. The entire device will flex if you try to bend it too much but for the most part holds up well against abuse from children or pets who like messing around with their gadgets as much as anyone else! It also has retractable feet that can prop up your computer at an 8 degree angle so there’s less risk of damaging its precious usb ports when placed on carpets during use–although we recommend keeping these out in open areas where possible anyway because otherwise someone might step right onto them without noticing what lies beneath.

The Logitech diNovo Edge Wired Keyboard gives you a ton of great features, from dedicated volume and media playback all the keys to hotkeys for Home, E-mail PC power or Calculator. Of these four functional buttons only three can be programmed into custom commands! To customize your own specialties within this keyboard all that’s needed is the company’s aging SetPoint utility which comes included with it–but if you don’t have an older version then try out LogiTech’s latest Options software which will also do the job.


The keyboard and mouse are the perfect combo for any workstation. With just one 2.4GHz USB dongle, you can connect them seamlessly with your computer without having to worry about drivers or software installation! The MK270’s excellent wireless connection worked flawlessly during my testing which made me feel at ease when using it in an environment where there is always potential interference from other electronics devices

The compact design of this wired/wireless setup also allows me more flexibility than traditional keyboards by allowing use on both desktops as well as laptops with a keyboard and mouse combo–which ultimately reduces the amount of trips I have to make between my keyboard drawer!
The MK270 keyboard and mouse combo is a versatile device that works with both Windows, as well as Chrome OS. You can even use them on Macs if you like! The one downside to this? There isn’t any customization of hotkeys in the native software – but we’ve got some tips for hacking away at it!


The membrane keys deliver a solid bump about halfway through the keystroke, with some interesting springy rebound and plenty of travel. The spacious design ensures that there’s ample room for error as you type on this keyboard without feeling cramped or restricting your movement too much in any way.


The lightweight and cheap feel of the included mouse make it an interesting choice for those who value minimalism. The ambidextrous design with its hard plastic grip is comfortable to use, while still being light enough at 2.5 ounces in weight so you don’t have any trouble holding onto it throughout your work session
An easy clicky buttons makes this a great option as well.

This Logitech mouse is a thing of beauty. With the Options app you can program your middle button to do anything from opening programs and locking windows, all with just one quick press! There’s also gesture control mode where holding down on this button will trigger custom functions depending upon which direction they’re scrolling in when tapping up/down left or right respectively- never leave home without it again.

Bottom Line

The Logitech MK270 is a budget-friendly wireless standard keyboard and mouse that can be mistaken for more expensive models. The mechanical keys feel reasonably good, but those looking for the best typing experience should look elsewhere because of its cheap design qualities; it’s notably loud too.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business 5KV-00001

The Microsoft Sculpted Keyboard is a unique sculpted design from the company, and it might not appeal to everybody. But if you have large hands that need an ergonomic solution for work or schoolwork–this one’s perfect! It was introduced back in 2013 but remains one of their most popular models today because no other keyboard can match its engineering; split into two halves so users with different hand sizes don’t feel cramped when typing on either half alone (and there are plenty out there).

Advantages And Disadvantages

The best advantages of this keyboards are as follow 
1: It have a best and detachable number pad.
2: Ergonomics split a design that protects a forearms.
3: Smoot,soft,cushioned palm rest.
4: Wireless with USB reciever.
5: The disadvantages of this keyboards are as follow 
6: No RGB,No Backlighting.
7: Not the cooloest and lightest.
8: A little pricey keyboard .

Split-Keyboard Advantage

The split keys are a great way to keep your wrists and forearms in an easy position. This helps you stay relaxed, which is important for being productive!
The natural positioning of this design also reduces the chances that someone could develop carpal tunnel syndrome from holding down multiple keys at once with too much force on their arms/wrists.


The keyboard is designed to be an ergonomic option with a palm rest. The raised and curved element provides comfort for your wrists, which helps prevent any chance of fatigue from occurring due in part because it keeps them at their normal angle so you don’t have to worry about slipping or pressing too hard on the keys while typing; instead there’s less stress put upon one’s hands as they’re free-flowing through text much more fluidly than before.

Separate Number Pad

The number pad is a great accessory for those who work in business environments that use a lot of spreadsheets or other numerical data entry. It makes things much quicker when you have it positioned next to your keyboard, instead of having the extra button on one side like some models do which can be inconvenient if you don’t want them all over your desk.

Wireless Design

This wireless keyboard come with the extra batteries.For connection,you have to just plug the wireless USB receiver into your computer port,and then you can begin typing.This keyboard is a lightweight model,although it is a small denser than some specifically lightweight designs,come in at about two pounds.

Suitable for Gaming or Not?

Well i assure you one thing that this wireless best keyboard isn,t designed with advanced gaming features of any other customization options.So its a just simple keyboard for those who loved to used the wireless keyboard.Dont worry if you are a gaming lover than you have many more option of wireless keyboard for big hands that can give you more function and control over your work.
microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboards 4000 b2m for Retail
This keyboard for large hands is designed to be used in retail chains like Toms Hardware. However, it also functions as an extra-large computer keyboard and can easily accommodate those with larger hand sizes working on the go or at home needing more desk space than their normal keyboards provide them. The product has been proven comfortable by many customers who work long hours every day.

Split Design
The split design of this large keyboard for large hands makes it easy to spread out your fingers. It also means you can type faster because there’s no cramped feeling and limited movement like with compact keyboard for big hands.


If you’re one of the many people who find that their fingers are too big for a normal sized mechanical keyboard, then there is an easy solution: get yourself some extra large hands! This will allow them to type with greater accuracy and speed while avoiding any mistakes. Plus, since this new layout doesn’t require any changes on your part other than simply enlarging how we use most keyboard features today-you can go back once again when things start getting boring or slow without worrying about ruining anything by going down alternative paths.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard 

The design of this keyboard for large hands is slightly raised. The ergonomic curvature allows you to work longer without dealing with pain and discomfort! There’s even a palm rest that acts similarly as the wrist-rest, preventing carpal tunnel from developing or getting worse in some cases since sometimes people look for keyboards after smaller computers have caused cramping sensations in their wrists due to lack of extra enough space between big keys (or “spacing”).

Palm Support

At the same time, palm lift engineering makes sure that your wrist is at a more natural position and relaxed angle while you type. This best ergonomic keyboards for big hands even more comfortable to use than most mechanical gaming keyboards on today’s market – it’s better in some ways as well!

About the Keys

This regular keyboards for big hands has media keys so you can control playback of videos and movies on your screen. The slightly curved keys make it easier to type accurately, with a tactile pleasure that’s hard to find in other designs like other keyboards when working at an office desk or doing any kind work where accuracy counts most! You also get up five “favorites” other key which is perfect if there are 5 programs/windows open-you don’t have dig through menus everytime one needs usage; just hit one button instead because these shortcuts will take care of everything without fail while still remaining easy enough even beginners can use them effectively right away too – what more could anyone ask from their computer peripheral?

Video Suggestion:

Is Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Perfect for Big Hand User?

Logitech K800 is a great keyboard for users with big hands. It has a large, comfortable design that makes it easy to type with your hands spread out. The keyboard also has backlighting, which makes it easy to see the keys in low light conditions.

Is Logitech MK270 Wireless good for big hand users?

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a good choice for big hand users. The keyboard has a wide key layout that makes it easy to type, and the mouse has a comfortable design that is easy to grip.

Is Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business 5KV-00001
good for big hand users?

Yes, Microsoft Sculpt Ergono is good for big hand users. The design of the mouse takes into account the natural curvature of a person’s hand, so it is comfortable to hold for people with large hands. In addition, the mouse has customizable buttons that can be programmed to perform specific tasks, making it easy to use for people with big hands.