Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming under 100$ | A Complete Guide

If You are Going to Build up a Gaming Pc and Now You want the Best Budget Keyboards/Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming under 100, or The main reason we look up the best Gaming keyboards is to play games it. Moreover, this gaming keyboard should produce sound while typing and perform exceptionally, but our budget is slightly low; what can we do? 

Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard. (Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming under 100$ )

Choosing the best gaming keyboard can be difficult. There are so many options, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages & their Availability in the trusted marketplace. In this article, we will review 3 of the best mechanical keyboards for gaming under 100 dollars to help you find which one is right for you!

Why We Enlist These Choices?

Our Researchers Find the keyboards that satisfy our requirements. At that time, most other gaming keyboards (which weren’t included in this research) provided better performance. But Still, these Gaming keyboards were not as readily available in the marketplace, so we had to buy them from different suppliers, which were not secure. As a result of these concerns, we found the best gaming keyboard readily available on trusted markets, such as Amazon, and they performed exceptionally well and fulfilled our requirements.
Here is the Gaming Keyboard Review for the Top 3 worst keyboards you can buy for under 100$ and get the best performance with a beautiful and satisfying look. We Highly Recommended These Keyboards as the Best Gaming Keyboard to Our Audience & if they are looking for the Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming Under 100$.
After researching deeply to find the best mechanical keyboards for gaming under 100 dollars, we came up with three leading candidates.

HyperX Alloy FPS RGB

Top Rated Best Gaming keyboard at its Price!

The best mechanical keyboard for gaming list starts with the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB, the most advanced HyperX Alloy variation. With its unique features and affordable price, we include this keyboard on our list. This is the ultimate gaming keyboard. As we mentioned gaming experience, also you can use this keyboard for office work and at home or for routine work.


When we move on to the design of Hyper X Alloy FPS RGB, we can achieve END-Level Look within this budget. With its alloy construction and RGB light, this High-End Gaming keyboard makes for an eye-catching combination. The Shines Behind Each Button & the Glow Present in each keycap symbol While Using, Provides You pretty Amazing Feel.

Next Feature

Also, the fantastic feature of this HyperX Alloy is that You Should Easily Customize the Color/Variation Of Lights with the software You Install on Your PC or Mac, which is I think the rarest feature when we find a Best Mechanical gaming Keyboard Under 100$

Build Quality

The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB is a modern mechanical gaming keyboard with excellent build quality. The ABS keycaps are slightly slippery to the touch, but no noticeable loose parts or wobble when typing. This keyboard also has a minor rattle because of its larger keycaps that use stabilizers.
It’s effortless to use in any setting thanks to its small rubber footpads which do not slip even on slick surfaces.”


As a result, while playing different Shooting Games or Battle Ground Games or playing GTA V on this Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, you should feel that your comfort level increases considerably. The RGB variation of the glow behind each Button provides a decent vibration. Although the Button Response is very Good and Efficient for FPS games.


If you Want the Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under 100$ with Efficient Performance, this keyboard is a Wise Choice.


A new mouse from HyperX, the Alloy FPS RGB features linear Kailh Silver Speed switches. There’s no tactile bump to indicate when a keystroke is registered, and they don’t require much force to actuate as well, which results in a highly responsive feel, but it may cause more unintentional strokes to be registered with this type of switch than others because there isn’t any pre-travel distance before each press makes its mark on what you’re typing or clicking into place.


Keyboard Grip

Overall this Gaming keyboard is also top-rated because it easily comes in hand & perfectly. You can quickly move your fingers to another key after pressing one. There is neither any hesitation nor resistance about the size of this Gaming keyboard.

Do You Get any Problem While Typing?

It is Easy and Comfortable to type on this keyboard when you have a lot of stuff to type or if you want to write a review or an article or something with too many words, then this gadget helps you a lot to complete your task without any problem.

Back Point

Although High-End Gaming Keyboard Experience on this Budget Range is very rare, I think that we have found our best Product, and that’s why this keyboard is enlisted at the top of our review. 

For More Details:- Check Comparison Between HyperX Alloy Origins vs Elite vs FPS vs Core

The Bottom Line

In the end, All have Negative Characteristics, so the worst feature, I think, is that this keyboard Caught very Much Dust, which was annoying to a gamer and for Office work. So if you have a room in which Dust can’t be passed through or If you have time and gadgets to Clean this Dust or if this issue is not annoying for you, you can easily buy this keyboard.

Although this Issue is Not considerable because this gaming keyboard Performs much well which was not expected in this Budget Range! (Best Budget Keyboard)

Compared To Other Keyboards

This keyboard is an affordable option for gamers looking for a stylish, responsive peripheral with plenty of customization. That said, they sacrifice some features that might be tempting to more seasoned players. Remarkably, there are no dedicated macro keys or backlighting adjustments on the keyboard itself– you’ll need to access these features through software instead. If looks aren’t your top priority, this may not be the best pick for you — pros working painstakingly with perfecting macros need their keyboards to stay organized! The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB gets good marks across the board: It has comfortable keycaps; should work Best.

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical

Candidate of Best Gaming keyboards list of 2021!

The Second Candidate on our List is Steel Series Apex 5 Keyboards. When we find expensive features in a Very Mid-Range Budget, then these keyboards fulfill our requirements. Steel Series Apex 5 is the hybrid mechanical keyboard. Although it comes with a non-detachable cable & this keyboard comes with ABS keycaps, the build quality is Excellent. To provide rigidity, they use Aluminium Alloy on the top. More Over Over, the overall experience on these Keyboards was excellent.


This keyboard is Straight Shaped Designed. RGB Lights Enhance the Look of this keyboard. Wrist Rest is also included in this keyboard (but Not Very Efficient).

Media Controller

This keyboard also has a media controller on the top right corner above the numeric pad, an excellent feature in this budget Range.

OLED Screen

The OLED Screen was also designed for this keyboard which was very simple and easy to use. This keyboard has Bright RGB lights and can be seen clearly by the side in Open Sunlight.


The Weight of these keyboards is So Light and has a size of about 17.4 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches. 

Build Quality

The keyboard Manufacturers Provide their best. You get what you pay for. Nothing has ever felt more solid or satisfying to type on, (Also You can Say that this is a Solid Mechanical Gaming keyboard), and everything is customizable with the included software. The wrist rest attaches magnetically instead of ugly rubber feet that aren’t very comfortable on your desk. You can even show off your favorite keycap artisans because there are dedicated extra keys to keep profiles intact without sacrificing organization!


The main factor of these best keyboards is their satisfactory performance. When you are typing in a flow, this keyboard provides you with incredible accuracy while typing or playing a game & you are in great suspense. These keyboards can work accurately without any mistakes.

Do keys/Buttons Need any Specific Focus by the User?

The keys do not need any Specific Focusing or Force to Press Press but can be easily pressed and perform their Specific Function without any Problem. All keys of this keyboard work very well. Also, the Wrist Rest under this keyboard enhances your gaming/typing experience because, without an armrest, your hand will get tired in a very short interval of typing constantly.
So if your budget is low and you cannot buy Hyper X Alloy RGB & You are Finding the Best Mechanical keyboard Under 100$, then this keyboard is your wise choice.
If you want the Best Mechanical Keyboards or High-Quality Mechanical keyboard for Gaming with Best RGB Color under 100$ & you will not buy HyperX Alloy RGB FPS, you get your gaming vibe with this keyboard in a very affordable Budget Range.
The Bottom Line of this keyboard is its Non-Detachable Cable & the Wrist pad, which is included But not sufficient wrist rest as a good gaming keyboard Provides Wrist Rest feature Sufficient & Easily.

Typing Quality

We designed the SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Keyboard to enable you to type your best and get even better. The keys have a low force and short-throw actuation that helps reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions. And because we know you demand nothing but excellence, we’ve sorted out every detail so you can feel confident about this keyboard’s reliability day in – day out.


The SteelSeries Apex 5 uses a proprietary hybrid switch. These state-of-the-art keys offer a variety of perks, like the ability to provide both audio and tactile feedback with every press, which indicates actuation similar to Cherry MX blues but don’t require as much force or travel distance compared to standard keyboards!

Extra Feature

As this is included in gaming keyboards, Then SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical gaming keyboard features full RGB lighting customized for each key individually. It has an OLED screen on the top that lets you control just about any aspect of your keyboard and is capable of Dedicated Media Keys.
The Apex 5 also includes anti-ghosting technology, fast actuation switches with the tactile response (SteelSeries’ proprietary QX2 linear switch), seven dedicated macro keys (including six mechanical thumb buttons), media controls via separate volume slider, rebind able hotkeys with instant game profile switching–everything a hardcore gamer wants.

For More Details:- Take a look at Comparison between Apex 3, Apex 5, Apex 7

The Bottom Line

Still, the main thing that makes these gaming keyboards stand in second place is their detachable issue, which was Annoying to most Users.


Although in this Price Range, this SteelSeries Apex 5 gaming Keyboards Gets Fully 5 Star Reviews by almost all buyers, and this keyboard provides those features included in very expensive gaming keyboards, so That is the main reason this keyboard lies here in our Suggestions List. 

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

The 3rd keyboard which we list in Best Gaming Keyboards is HyperX Alloy Elite 2. It is the worst keyboard with outstanding performance. Although we want Some Gaming Feel on our keyboards, these keyboards also have RGB Light, which gives more Brightness than the Steel Series Apex 5, which is enlisted above.

Play like a Pro.

This Best keyboard gives you the competitive edge with quieter keys, keycap variants, and full RGB lighting customization. It has an enhanced anti-ghosting capability to deliver reliable performance without compromises during gameplay. Now you can customize your layout by switching between analog mode and digital mode for ultimate flexibility.

Covers all gamers’ needs –

Every gamer knows that there is no one size fits all keyboard design that will work for every game type or situation, which is why this mechanical elite gaming keyboard comes with not just one but two sets of WASD buttons – QWEASD & ASDWRU, allowing the player to change their setup up on the fly depending on what they need to level up their gameplay or add range.


When we discuss the design of this keyboard, it comes with a size of 17.4 by 6.7 inches. The RGB lights (Comes with RGB Lighting) in these keyboards are designed Much Pretty.


This Gaming Console is durable because it comes with translucent ABS “pudding” keycaps, making the LED RGB light shine more. Keys/Buttons will clearly define the glow on the bottom of keycaps.


Key Caps will be designed in Double Shot, and that’s why it gives an extra Gaming Look on this keyboard. Also, the keys are mechanical keys, and this Cheap keyboard (Keyboard Under 100) is designed as a full-size keyboard.

Build Quality

With a steel top plate, sturdy ABS keycaps, and 128-step RGB lighting embedded into the SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical keyboard, this durable device is designed to help gamers perform with unparalleled speed. With Cherry MX switches available in three different strengths for your gaming needs, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the virtual world with hindered reaction time or slow typing speeds.
Add on 100% anti-ghosting technology to make sure every press registers with an instant response. Never miss an opportunity again within all of your favorite games!

The Thing which I don’t Like

Although the thing that is annoying to me is that it looks straightforward & Compact (Old) Design Keyboard when You turn off Your PC gaming or when the RGB Lights are Off, Or when You are not using Your PC Gaming (Computer), the keyboard is not in use.
Although it’s RGB Lighting on mechanical keys and Gaming experience is Fantastic!


The HyperX Alloy Elite 2 comes with proprietary linear Red switches (Mechanical Switches), similar to the Cherry MX Red switches (Mechanical Switches) found on other popular keyboards. There’s no tactile bump, and they don’t require much force to actuate; this makes them perfect for gamers who want a quick response time without worrying about accidental presses!
The pre-travel distance may be higher than advertised at 1.8mm, but this may vary depending upon manufacturing differences between batches or even just individual units within that batch -!

Extra Feature

This keyboard also has some extra function keys, which make this keyboard full flagship. These Extra Programmable keys or Function keys features are usually we can see on keyboards that are not Coming in this budget range. These extra keys are Dedicated Media keys/Buttons or media controls Volume rollers.
I think an excellent feature so that we can Change Volume Level Up and Down with the same hand on the keyboard. This keyboard has Red Hyper X Switches & Connects with the USB Cable.


The HyperX Alloy Elite 2 has a lot of extra features. Every key on the board is macro-programmable (Macro Keys) through dedicated software, except for some media keys not included in this feature set.
There’s also an “Xbox” mode that acts as Windows Key Lock; you won’t be able to unintentionally minimize any game while using it because they’ll always take priority over everything else if enabled within your games settings menu! The USB passthrough works fine but makes sure both plugs go into their respective computers – unlike most other gaming keyboards where only one would suffice.


When we get deep into the performance of these best gaming keyboards, this keyboard does not allow you to get any performance defect from itself. The programmable keys are susceptible to this keyboard (Which makes this a Great keyboard) which is the main feature that makes this keyboard enlisted in our article.
As I mentioned, when we deeply researched this keyboard, this keyboard required a little attention while gaming, but as these keyboard keys were designed in linear, this keyboard overcame its defect. Also, we neglect this issue while finding a Gaming keyboard Under 100

Typing quality

The typing experience on this keyboard (Cherry MX switches) is excellent. The keys (Cherry MX switches) are well-spaced. They don’t feel like they’ll pop off in your hands when you hit them wrong, unlike some of the cheaper keyboards we’ve tasted before, which had wobbly plastic caps or metal contacts that made us nervous for our safety while using it at night time by ourselves without looking over every few seconds to make sure nothing was too high up there waiting for just outreach from where one might put their fingers down next if not paying close enough attention!

Bottom Line

Although the overall experience on this keyboard was Outstanding, to use this keyboard for a long time, you need perfect knowledge to use this keyboard and save yourself from the accidental press.   
By the way, when you are constantly typing for a long time, your hand becomes very tired because this keyboard does not have a wrist rest. (It Comes Without Wrist Rest Feature) If the wrist rest is not the main reason which seduces you to buy this keyboard, then You feel free and add this keyboard to your cart!
But the remarkable point of this keyboard is that when you press any button/key on this keyboard, it suddenly glows the whole side, which provides you charming feel.
As if you are a gamer and need the best mechanical gaming Keyboard which provides you satisfying tactile feedback, buy this keyboard immediately and start playing games Now!

But as we are finding a gaming keyboard Under 100 then this is Not a bad choice to add to your cart. Because of The macro keys, Cherry MX Switches (Mechanical Switches) & Other Cool Features like Programmable keys in a Gaming keyboard under 100 are very rare.
Note:- We Don’t add a wireless gaming keyboard or wireless keyboard to our list because the wireless keyboard does not provide the most Sufficient Features as these keyboards let You to Do!