Best Mechanical Switch For Typing – A Complete Guide

Do you want to learn about the best mechanical switch for typing? If so, you have come to the right place. There are many different types of switches available, but two, in particular, stand out: tactile and linear. Tactile switches are generally considered to be the best for typing because they offer a tactile feel without being too noisy. Linear switches are also good options as long as you have good control since they can be quite sensitive. Clicky switches are less desirable due to the noise they produce.


While picking out the perfect mechanical keyboard switches for typing can be a fun and interesting decision, there are some key things to keep in mind.

Do you want to learn about the best mechanical keyboard switches for typing? If so, you have come to the right place. There are many different types of switches available, but two in particular stand out: tactile and linear. Tactile switches are generally considered to be the best for typing because they offer a tactile feel without being too noisy. Linear switches are also good options as long as you have good control since they can be quite sensitive. Clicky switches are less desirable due to the noise they produce.

In this article, we will be talking about switch types, which switch to buy, and some examples of good mechanical keyboards.

What are Mechanical Keyboards?

A mechanical keyboard is a type of gaming peripheral which has been on the market since before most people were born. These keyboards have one major advantage over regular membrane ones: they’re much better for typing! The reason being that rather than having just 1 layer per key, with these devices every character gets its own circuit board – so you’ll never make any more mistakes because none will get buried under another letter or symbol as it happens in some cheaper models from other brands out there today ..

And the main reason they were made for was for programming and typing . Mechanical keyboards are usually more durable, they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re also much better at withstanding the rigors of gaming thanks to their very responsive keys that are usually much more accurate than the ones on standard keyboards.
The keyboards of the past were not very good. They either had a rubber dome mat or individual keys, but those days are long gone! Instead we have mechanical switches which act like small springs and contacts when pressed down by your fingers for an amazing typing experience that cannot be replicated with any other type of keyboard out there today.
With no need to replace the whole mat when one switch is missing, this saves time and money. You can easily pick off any non-functioning keys with your fingernail or even a knife if necessary!
The difference between a mechanical and rubber-dome keyboard is like night and day. With the click of your fingers, you can tell that this type was made with intention because it feels better than ever before when using them for work or play!

A mechanical keyboard is a type of gaming peripheral that allows for better control. The different shapes and sizes come in order to help you find what works best with your hands, so let’s jump right into one important characteristic: size!
The keyboards vary from small compact models perfect if all space on desk close at hand or large ergonomic designs which can be rested against arm while typing away without any risk of tiring arms over time due its design – either way they’re great additions no matter how big gamer are looking get the most out them selves when playing games competitively e/ sport games.
And now it’s time for a bit of trivia: famous figures like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs all love to game on mechanical keyboards.

Keyboard Sizes:

there are many different sizes of keyboards on the market: small, medium and large and many more we discuss the best keyboard sizes in this article.

Full Size Keyboard

This is the largest of them all. It has everything you need for a keyboard, from number pads on both sides to full sets of F and Number keys in between! This type makes it easy when working with numbers because they have that extra wide pad right next to your fingers.


This keyboard is a little more interesting than the Full Size, because it has all of its keys joined together. This means there’s no space between each key and makes for easy typing!


87%, and 80%: These three are about thinneest of all, with the 88% model being a little thicker than its predecessors. These keyboards are great for saving space, so you might want to check one of these out if your desk is full or really small.


This size is close to the TenKeyLess.The Difference between this one and the TenKeyLess is that it does not have a number pad. It still has all of its main keys, though!


The best of both worlds, this keyboard has it all. Not only can you type efficiently and have fun gaming at the same time but also with its innovative layout there is no limit on what kind words could be written! With one big change in design over traditional keyboards; namely removing F-row from top row which grants access keys needed for placing other special characters such as question marks etc., now everything becomes much simpler leading to more creativity overall.


This size is just like the 65% except for one big difference. Firstly, not only are some F keys missing but also their corresponding arrows! To get access to these hard-to find extra letters you’ll need an easier solution than before because now there’s less space available in this key group so it will require more work from your end by combining two neighboring lettergroups with common characters or symbols eiily accessed through shortcut menus which can sometimes lead people astray when trying out new tricks without knowing exactly what they’re doing first time around (or even second).


The smallness of this keyboard means that you can finally have a new adventure with your typing skills. The downside is its size and how difficult it may be to find in stores, but the pros definitely outweigh those concerns!

The output tone should reflect excitement.

What are Best mechanical switch for typing?

Mechanical keyboards are the most common type of keyboard on the market and can be found in almost any computer. They’re also called “mechanical” because each key is actuated by one switch, which you’ll find beneath your Caps Lock or PrintScreen function keys at home base. This means they use different types: linear for slow speed typing (think70 wpm), tactile with a heavier feel to it when pushing down harder as well as some clicks near where my pinky rests while clicking out numbers off quickly likebank transactions

Each of those comes in two different types that differ on the amount needed to actuate a key. A little more about them can be found later on!
Although there are many different kinds of switches, they each have their own set characteristics. The first thing I want to talk about is why these devices exist in the world at all.
The Mechanical Key Switches Types
The reason for choosing a mechanical keyboard is due to use of a mechanical switches rather than other switch technologies these technologies are membrane or scissor meyboards .
Mechnical Keyboards are very famous due to the usage of these keyboard and also because these keyboards have best tactile switches and best/high build quality.
Mechanical Keyboards have different type of switches these switches are listed below.
1: Linear 
2: Tactile
3: Clicky

Linear Switches

First we gonna discuss about the linear key switch , linear key switch has a smooth feel during the pressing of keys. These switches are mostly preffered by the gamers but less by the typist because who like to feel the smoothness and consistently throughout the keystroke and also resulting in faster typing speeds.

Tactile Switches

For typists who want to type faster, tactile key switches are the way to go. These keys have a bump halfway through each stroke and they don’t need you press all of your buttons down like with linear ones because that would take too long for most people’s fingers! Some examples include the Gateron Brown switch which has very subtle bumps so it does not slow things down when typing quickly but still makes sure there is some kind resistance against pressing further into an already pressed matrix button such as Cherry MX Blues or Browns .

Clicky Switches

This is one of the keyboard that you may first think about when you buy a mechanical keyboard. They provide a best typing experience for any type writer, providing a powerful tactile bump and also a smooth and loud click when the keypress is registered. Clicky key switches provide a best 2 features of clicks, first one is a prominent and the other one is a loud click whenever on the key downstroke and a lighter click on the upstroke.This loud noise is also make a problem for those users who like to work in open or in office environment.

The Best Key Switches for Typists

Whenever choosing a mechanical keyboards, mostly typist prefer these things like smoothness of key switches ,noise of keyswitches during the press of key,and also prefer a keyswitch that has a feel of tactile when you depress the key.This makes a perfect and good feedback to respresnt a successful keypress. Some also in a favour of loud clicky sound that makes a good feedback, All clicky key switches are also tactile.

I have split the recommendations between tactile and clicky key switches. I do not recommend linear switches for fast typing as without the tactility you may find yourself pressing too hard which can result in finger fatigue, as well as slowing down your rate of typage!

Tactile Key Switches

My personal preference between the choosing of tactile and clicky key switch then i choose the tactile key switch, because its not make any noise during pressing of keys while on the other hand click switch have the loud noise can mean they are less suited to an office or an open environment. Tactile Switches are also very popular and also available wide choice .

We will have some of these switches are listed below

  • Cherry MX Brown
  • Zealios V2
  • Gateron Brown

Clicky Key Switches

Typing on a clicky key switch is like typing with an old-fashioned typewriter. It has the feel of reliability, bold text and clear sound that can only be compared to today’s computerized keyboards in their simplicity.

A word though: some models are much louder than others so make sure you know what kind your choosing before going any farther.

Clicky Switches are also very popular and also available wide choice .

We will have some of these switches are listed below

  • Kailh Box White
  • Kailh Box Jade
  •  Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX

For over 50 years, Cherry has been a staple in the world of computer input devices. Formed by Walter Cherry and initially producing electrical parts for BMW cars before branching out on their own with an office near Auerbach Germany where they now remain headquartered to this day (since 1953). This company responsible for designing what we know today as “MX” series keyboard switches which was released back then but eventually expired patents granted other companies similar designs though some may have been designed in-house such as Best Corporation’s “Best lock” line of keyboard switches. This has led Cherry to reboot their MX series and release the Cherry MX RGB as well as the “Cherry ML” series. Best Corporation began in 1958 and was originally an OEM manufacturer for various other companies such as Best Power and Best Technology to name a few. Best was able to branch out on their own by the late 1970’s though they still remain a privately-owned company to this day. Best eventually developed their own patented series of keyboard switches which unlike Cherry’s MX line were designed for space saving reasons. Best’s “Best lock” line of keyboard switches are similar to Cherry MX in that they both use the same stem design but Best designed their Best lock line so that the switch housing is in a square shape and Best has used different colors to distinguish their own Best lock series of switches.

There are different types of Cherry Mx switches are listed below:

  • Cherry MX Brown
  • Cherry MX Clear
  • Cherry MX grey
  • Cherry MX Blue
  • Cherry MX Green

Kailh Key Switches

Kailh Box switches are a more premium type of keyboard switch. These have some cosmetic differences from the basic Kailh computer keycaps, but they still work in much the same way as other types of mechanical keyswitches do with an actuation force around 45g and release on rebound back to resting position after 2mm travel distance (60CFRs). A great advantage that box design offers over those found on standard stemless keyboards is less wobble due to how sturdy it can feel while typing thanks largely because these stems come equipped preinstalled into each individual piece rather than using plastic inserts like before where you might find them easier damaged if dropped onto carpeting or the ground due to its flexibility.

There are different type of Kailh Key Switches are listed below:

  • Kailh Brown
  • Kailh Box Brown
  • Kailh Silent Brown
  • Kailh Pro Purple
  • Kailh Speed Copper
  • Kailh Blue
  • Kailh Box White
  • Kailh Box Heavy Glazed Green
  • Kailh Box Heavy Pale Blue
  • Kailh Box Jade
  • Kailh Box Noble Yellow
  • Kailh ox Navy
  • Kailh Box Heavy Ble
  • Kailh Speed Bronze
  • Kailh Speed Gold

Anatomy of a Mechanical Key Switch

A mechanical key switch is made from only 5 parts. They are crafted with high precision plastic and gold-plated internal components to ensure minimal wear, while also achieving a long lifespan of 50 million or more clicks!

Upper Housing

The high degree of plastic polymer used in the upper housing provides a smooth vertical movement for keys and eliminates wobbles. You can notice how with cheaper keyboards, it’s very easy to type errors as there are more unstable movements because tolerances aren’t up-to par.


The stem is a key component of the switch. It’s made with plastic polymer and creates vertical movement, while feeling tactile or clicky because it has an unusual shape that makes this possible. The coloured part at its base also helps identify which type you have installed in your keyboard.

Crosspoint Contact

 Usually gold-plated, the crosspoin contact is a vital part of the switch and responsible for its functionality. Through it, electricity flows between the metal contact points on either side when you press the key down.

Coil Spring

The coil spring provides the resistanccee and gives the switch its weight. It also prevents any noise caused by reistance from being amplified, while allowing for a longer lifespan due to reduced friction through its construction.

Base Housing

Like the upper housing, the base housing is made from a plastic polymer . Its main purpose is to secure the other components in place so they don’t move or break during your normal key presses, while also allowing for the stem to be pressed down with ease.

Key Switch Terminology

There are several terms used when comparing  key switches. The most common ones are actuation force, total travel distance, and tactile or clicky feedback.

Activation Force

A keyboard’s key switch is the most important part. The activation force needs to be just right for your fingers and different people have different preferences when it comes to feeling this sensation–a gamer might prefer a higher number than someone who types all day long, but then again you could end up activating them too easily with low forces.

Bottom Out Force

it represents the force that needs to be applied to the bottom point of the switch. Most of the switches have a same type of activation and bottom out force resulting in a smooth resistance throughout the keystroke.If the bottom out force is more than the activation force then the switch will feel more harder to press the keystroke.


This keyboard switch is measured in millimeters and represents the distance a key needs to travel before being activated. Too little can result in your fingers getting accidentally pressed if you’re someone who types quickly, while too high values may slow down typing speeds as each press requires more force than necessary for most people’s hands due at least partially because of how sensitive some switches are during use- but also takes up space on its own without an extra circuit board or module attached beneath them like many gaming keyboards do nowadays (they were designed specifically so gamers could feel faster).


The key switch is the most important component of any keyboard. The distance it moves corresponds directly to how far you press down on one particular button, which means shorter travel times will be easier for people who use their fingers rather than palms or paws when playing games like League Of Legends.

Key Switch IP Rating

Many key switches will offer an IP rating in their specifications for dust and moisture protection. For example, Cherry MX switches are rated at a maximum of 40mm deep inside when fully seated but can still handle being immersed up to 2 meters underwater without damage or failure! They have passed the most rigorous tests available on this matter with flying colors because they understand how important it is that every gaming keyboard feel perfect out-of-the box so gamers don’t need any additional tools like adhesive strips needed by other brands’ products jus tot ensure quality.

Key Switch Noise Level

This switch is measured in decibels and represents the noise a key makes when it’s pressed down. This noise is likely to be much more pronounced in clicky switches like the Cherry MX Blue and Green models (the loudest) than softer or smoother models like the Cherry MX Red and Black switches, which both have a similar tactile bump sensation to each other but with slightly different amounts of resistance.

Other ways to improve typing experience

People who want to improve their typing experience can do so by looking at different factors, including ergonomics and possible keyboard modifications. For even more ways of making the best out a potential disability in this area turn yourself into an expert typist.


Ergonomics is another aspect to think about when considering the best mechanical switches for typing. Performing the same action over and over again as you type can cause serious damage to your hands, wrist, elbows, and shoulders if you don’t take steps to protect yourself. A few ways of doing this include adjusting your chair height, monitor angles, desk positioning, and using an ergonomic keyboard.

For the desk setup, sitting in a chair is the best way to go. Make sure your monitor is at eye level, and it’s usually a good idea for the screen to be about an arm’s length away from your body. A keyboard tray can also be helpful if you’re on a budget, but some people may find it’s not worth the extra hassle it can cause.

angle of keyboard also matters during the typing .If you are typing on flat surface it will also affect your hands and wrists. So it is better to use a separate keyboard tray which can adjust according to the height of table or desk .

If you are typing in the same position for a long time it will also affect your hands and wrists to type continuously. You can take a break or follow other activities like exercise after some time interval .

Lubed switches/stabs 

After choosing out the perfect switch for you,but you also need a more type ofswitches that can improve the typing experience . Its include a lubing your switches and your stabilizers as well.Dont worry we provide a complete guides to do each of these processes.

Lubing the switches means that you can reduce the fricton of the keypress and also provide you a cheesy and smoothy feeling while pressing a key.

Lubing Stabilizers make less the amount of rale that you hear on your bigger keys such as space bare,enter,backspakce and shift . Its reduces the noises and sound of keypress and also increase the stabibility and responsive of those keys too.

When you press the bigger key, it feels more responsive. Whether to your right or left and in any other direction of pressing dead center, this larger version will respond with an impressive snap.

Keycap Profile 

 There are different types of keycap profiles. 

The sculpted keycaps are a much better option for typing efficiency and accuracy. They allow you to feel each individual letter of the alphabet with ease, as opposed to uniform ones like DSA or XDA which can make it difficult because they all roll together into one big mass in your hand.

They also don’t hug your fingertips and conform to its shape, allowing you to rest them on each key comfortably.

Sculpted keycaps provide the best typing experience. They’re different from row to row, with shape and height; this allows you to find your preferred location quickly on any keyboard.

Cherry profile keycaps are shorter and more ergonomic than original ones because they reduce the amount of wrist extension you do when typing.

The Cherry profile keycaps are what comes standard on many prebuilt keyboards. After switching, you’ll be able to feel the difference in height and have a better typing experience with your favorite keyboard.

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What is the point of mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards have individual switches underneath each key, which makes this style of console more tough, simpler to fix, and more adjustable than film, scissor, or butterfly consoles as well as more agreeable in numerous cases.

Are mechanical keyboards really better?

Since mechanical keyboards make composing more open, they are likewise more precise, committing clients less inclined to make errors or hit some unacceptable key. They can have a gigantic effect on efficiency levels for software engineers and individuals who type a great deal. Mechanical keyboards last longer.

Is a mechanical keyboard better for gaming?

Generally speaking, mechanical Keyboards most certainly further develop the gaming experience. They offer an enduring keybaords that just requires light presses to stay away from grammatical errors and missteps. Over the long haul, this will help your game presentation and your game positioning.Generally speaking, mechanical Keyboards most certainly further develop the gaming experience. They offer an enduring keybaords that just requires light presses to stay away from grammatical errors and missteps. Over the long haul, this will help your game presentation and your game positioning.

Are mechanical keyboards louder?

For what reason are mechanical Keyboards so clearly? Mechanical Keyboards are so clearly a direct result of the activity of each switch. The plastic sliders underneath each key, when discouraged on a spring, close an electrical circuit and enact the relating key.


There are many types of mechanical switches are introdcued in the market nowadays. For typing,i recommend you to get a tactile or clicky switch rather than linear.If you want the best mechanical switches keyboard with best switch then use a tactile switch keyboard because they produce less noise compared to clicky switches.On the other hand if you are key sound lover then buy a tactile switches keyboard.

The best three switches for typing are Cherry MX Browns, ZealPC Zilents, and Topre switches.

The Cherry MX Brown switch is the most common type of key used in prebuilt mechanical keyboards. It has an audible click and a small amount of tactile feedback that can be felt through your fingers while typing, so it’s popular among gamers who want to have just enough give when pressed down without feeling too soft or hard on their keyboard.

For a quiet switch that is appropriate for the office or school, Zilents have sound dampening materials within each switch to decrease noise. These are not found in prebuilt keycaps so it involves more effort to replace them with these special types of keys if you want your keyboard customized before building it yourself from scratch; but when combined with some DIY skills and creativity (as well as soldering), anyone can make this type work.

Topre switches are a unique type of mechanical keyboard switch that can best be compared to common membrane keyboards, but also offer benefits such as tactility and sound. They’re rubbery dome style like Topres from watches for example- so they have the feel we’ve grown used in during our day-to complext life styles with this kind device activated by pressing down gently on its surface when typing out words one after another rapidly without lifting up fingers off keys completely between presses.

if you want more improve the feeling and sound while typing then lube all of these switches.

In the end, it all dials down to preference. We recommend getting at least one of each kind to see which you like best.