Best Portable Mechanical Keyboard – A Complete Explanation

For many people, a Best portable mechanical keyboard is the best choice for gaming and typing. They have a superior feel to normal keyboards, but they do come with one major drawback: their size. Most of them are huge and not designed for traveling at all. Thankfully, there are a few manufacturers out there that felt this problem was worth solving. I’ll be reviewing my favorite and best portable mechanical keyboards below!

Best Portable Mechanical Keyboard

For many people, a mechanical keyboard is the best choice for gaming and typing. They have a superior feel to normal keyboards, but they do come with one major drawback: their size. Most of them are huge and not designed for traveling at all. Thankfully, there are a few manufacturers out there that felt this problem was worth solving. I’ll be reviewing my favorite portable keyboard below!

Cooler Master SK621

The Cooler Master SK621 is a sleek and stylish mechanical keyboard that provides intuitive controls with customizable lighting effects. Creative professionals will love the functionality it offers, but users who are looking for something smaller may want to consider other models on our list because 60% keyboards can be awkward if you’re not used them before.


The advantages of this keyboard are its durable, portable design. You can use it on-the fly with no need to reconfigure anything because all your settings will be there waiting for you! A big plus is how accurate and fast typing feels thanks in part by excellent feedback from each keystroke made when pressing down onto them; not like some other compact keyboard where the media keys have too little give or provide almost none at all which makes accurately hitting high letters near impossible.


The disadvantages are its rather expensive price for a 60% keyboard and the fact that it has no backlight, which can be bad if you’re using it in the dark.


The SK621 is a laptop keyboard that can be carried anywhere. It’s small and light enough to go unnoticed in your backpack or bag, but sacrificing the ability for it not have any space on its own? That may not always work out so well! The key difference between this design and others I’ve seen before might just lie with one thing: dedicated functions such as Page Up/down keys are now found alongside alphanumeric buttons instead of being replaced by them (which doesn’t make sense when you think about how many different tasks require extra attention). Other changes include reducing size some conventional function zones like Home row – an understandable choice considering their new positioning relative top letter-based keyboards.

Cooler Master has made the SK621 a beautiful and functional keyboard. The aluminum top plate, floating keycaps, RGB backlighting with gold trim around it’s chassis make for an aesthetically pleasing design that is both durable yet stylish in its own right! Cooling fans will also appreciate how the multiple devices comes equipped not only with braided USB Type-C cable but wired connectivity as well thanks to what seems like velvet fabric covering – perfect when you’re on your feet all day long without even realizing there were hands touching them before yours did.
The SK621 keyboard is a slim, low-profile design that uses Cherry MX Low Profile mechanical switches to provide reduced actuation point (1.2mm) and key travel (3 mm). The extra slim keys have flat square shapes you would find on an Chiclet style keyboard but are contoured in the center more than other keyboards which makes them easier for your hands or those with smaller builds like mine.


The SK621 connects directly with the USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 and is a best wireless keyboard that can be paired with multiple devices at once! Simply flip this switch on, press & hold Fn+Z/X for three seconds while in pairing mode (indicated by an LED light), then connect one device per keypress as needed – easy peasy lemon squeezy!

To activate wireless mode, just press Fn and Z/X/C. The keyboard will automatically switch to wired when connected by USB cable on a computer. Press Fn+Z/X again to return back to wireless mode.


Typing on the SK621 is great, but it takes some getting used to. The keys themselves feel tactile and provide feedback like no other keyboard I’ve typed with before; they have an excellent click-bottom stroke as well.

I was so excited to get a new keyboard for my computer, but as soon as it arrived I knew that something wasn’t right. The reduced size of the keys made playing games like Fortnite impossible because you can’t hit all those tiny targets on screen! It also makes finding certain letters more difficult than before–the shift key has shrunken down which meant there were often times whereI would overshoot and press another letter instead; delete key is now placed under return button at edge of desk top rather then directly below spacebar – not really sure why they did this since these spots have been reserved by most people who use their rear facing hotkeys frequently- things became worse when typing emails or text messages too.
The first few days with the new layout were awkward and uncomfortable, but after a week or so I started getting used to it. There’s just something about this keyboard that makes my fingers feel cramped!
I was never able match any speed or accuracy like before either- there are always some small differences between when you’re using both hands on one device (which can lead) into an accident due being harder focus than usual trying not have these little mistakes everywhere around your desk space.

RGB lighting

Keyboard backlighting can be modified to produce a variety of colors and effects. The presets are static, but you’ll find that some triggered by music or game actions; they’re controlled through keystrokes in “on-the fly” controls which allow greater customized versatility without needing software installation on your computer (Cue: cool!). Downloading the Cooler Master Portal provides even more options for customization, but just keep in mind you’ll need to create an account with them if this is your plan of action.

The same can be said for macro programming. They are created to control backlighting and media playback with on-the fly controls, but they allow more precise customization than what’s available in software alone.

Bottom Line

The Cooler Master SK621 is well made, with plenty of eye candy for creative types. You’ll have to weigh how much productivity you’re willing to sacrifice in order get the compact layout and reduced speed/accuracy as a side effect– personally I wouldn’t recommend it as your daily keyboard but it’ll do when away from home or office on those occasions where small size matters more than anything else (e-commerce sites).

Ducky One 2 Mini V1

The Ducky One 2 Mini V1 is an excellent gaming keyboard with a unique style. The variant we tested has Cherry MX switches Browns, but this board can be purchased in different switch types and sizes to help you find the perfect match for your typing preference as well as game play speed requirements! There’s even space on offer if needed due so that users don’t have any problem when taking care of their desk space & setup – from full size model all way down through 60% split ergonomic design layouts which will suit those looking mostly at laptop work while folded up into just about anything else around town or traveling light-weight baggage wise.. Plus its 100% anti ghosting ensures no missed taps thanks again interference free input to your game too play. Best of all, the board comes with an affordable price tag for those looking at getting their first portable mechanical gaming keyboard – or wanting to upgrade their existing ones for something more compact yet still delivering great performance!


The Logitech diNovo Edge is a great keyboard for those who want excellent typing quality and customizable features.


the built-in software can be confusing if you’re not used to it or just don’t have time on your hands (the learning curve isn’t steep). The one downside of this amazing device? High latency.



Height 1.5″ (3.8 cm)
Width 12.4″ (31.5 cm)
Depth 4.2″ (10.7 cm)
Weight 1.32 lbs (0.600 kg)

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a very compact 60% keyboard that doesn’t take up much space on your desk. Note, however, this can be purchased in either TKL or full size models with the addition of an SF variant for those looking to go even smaller! If you’re after something bigger and want function keys closer together without sacrificing functionality then consider purchasing KeyChron K3 which also offers 75%.

Build Quality 

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a high-quality board that feels durable due to its solid plastic frame. The longer top function keys have Cherry MX switch stabilizers for great typing experience, and there are PBT double shot keycaps with excellent feel compared other more common type of blue switches like membrane or scissor design. However one downside about this keyboard (aside from not having backlit) would be how generic the cable feels – though you can easily purchase another if needed/wanted as they come detached on some models without fancy markings printed across it unlike others where these features exist separately so buyers know exactly what make their product unique among competitors’.


The ergonomic design of this keyboard are not well designed. It has a two incline settings, but doesn’t come with wrist rest and typing on it feels nice for most people; however those who have high threshold might feel fatigue due to its compact design that supports the hands while sitting at an angle close to 90 degrees from vertical position.

RGB Backlighting 

The Ducky One 2 Mini has a great backlighting system. It supports full RGB lighting, and it’s bright enough to see when using the keyboard in well lit environments like offices or computer labs where there is plenty of natural light coming through windows near by that can be seen from close up distances (around 3 meters). However you must set all these options yourself because they are not available on any downloadable software interface for this particular model – only built-in ones!


The Ducky One 2 Mini is an excellent, high-quality typing keyboard. It’s one of the nicest feeling keyboards we’ve tested so far and offers very nice tactile feedback just before key actuation! The keys are stable enough to prevent any mis presses or unintentional clicks on your part while using it which makes for less typos in text messages/ emails etcetera if used correctly.
The Cherry MX Brown switches on our unit are quiet. This keyboard is available in a variety of different styles, so you can find one to fit your personal preferences and typing style.

The latency is a bit high for wired keyboards. It should be okay in general desktop use but might disappoint gamers looking to have low input lag. If you’re more interested with better performance and less compact design, consider checking out the Corsair K65 RGB MINI or HyperX Alloy Origins 60; they both provide lower response times while being smaller than standard models of their respective brand.
The Ducky One 2 Mini is a pretty cool keyboard, but it’s not compatible with the company’s software. You can still do everything that you need to on this board though- just like other size variants of this model have features built inside them and don’t require an interface for their functions or programs from outside sources such as games or macro recording tools using Fn key combinations when necessary.
The Ducky One 2 Mini’s compatibility is decent. This keyboard can be used with a wide variety of operating systems, and only the calculator hotkey doesn’t work on both macOS and Linux due to its wired nature (though you might want one anyway). It isn’t compatible with mobile devices since they are all wireless mechanical keyboard by design but if that’s what you’re looking for then look no further than this baby.

Extra Features 

The Ducky One 2 Mini has a lot of features; however, everything is built into the keyboard itself because it doesn’t have any interfaced-software.This means that there are no extra addons you need to install in order for your computer’s settings such as drivers or software suites from Microsoft Office 365 Suite . This product also comes with two layers hotkeys: one key with ‘Fn’ and another which includes both Alt keys by pressing down simultaneously on only one button located near each thumb stick (the area between pinky finger). There will be some switches underneath these layouts where users can customize Windows Key location – something not available on standard keyboards without modifications.

Bottom Line

The Ducky One 2 Mini V1 is bad for use with a home theater PC. It’s wired-only and might not be long enough to reach your computer from the couch, let alone across the room! There are also no dedicated media controls or trackpad on this keyboard so you’ll have an extra cable running into something else in order get those features working properly as well – not too mention that without it being wireless (or even having batteries), there will always some kind of interference when gaming.


At first glance, the Motospeed CK62 is a sleek and lightweight keyboard that doesn’t have much flex unless you put unusual amounts of force onto it. Though this means its not as durable or comfortable for extended typing sessions; however with only keys in 62%, we don’t miss out on any important features like arrowkeys or numpad.

This keyboard is a 60% size which means it will fit in most computer stations. It has the ANSI standard layout so custom keycaps are not needed! Looking at its front side, you can see that this floating keys design instead of high profile case makes for an ergonomic typing experience as well.
When turned upside down, we can see that the bottom housing isn’t as slim and has a chamfered design. Along with this is an ergonomic OEM profile for keycaps which makes it easier on your hands while typing or gaming.
The USB Type C port is placed in the center and that makes finding a custom case difficult.
The bottom of this desk is designed with four rubber feet that are non-adjustable feet and has the Motospeed logo at its center.
The speaker’s interface includes all of the usual technical information, but we also have an on-off switch for Bluetooth support connectivity.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This keyboard is a great option for those who want to use both wired and wireless connections. Pressing FN + Tab will change which mode you’re currently working in, indicated by color of the caps lock flashing green or blue respectively:
-If it’s yellow then this means there has been activity on your internet connection since last time I checked.
The FN button is used for pairing the keyboard, so press it and then any key from E-R. You will see that both are flashing when you’re in this mode with two devices connected to each other via Bluetooth; now just swap between them by pressing E followed by R if paired as shown above or T while having 3 keyboards set up!
As I was testing, switching between devices is pretty quick. In terms of range even if this keyboard only has Bluetooth 3.0 which technically has a shorter range than 4., It’s still very substantial and let me use my laptop as far away from myself until the texts on monitor got too small for readability.
I am happy to announce that there are no adverse effects on latency or stability when using the mouse wirelessly. However, I do notice a little bit of lag here and there which could be due in part from its use only as Bluetooth 3.0 rather than 4-way signal strength compatibility with newer versions like v4 (which some people might not know). It’s not enough for me personally but others who have more demanding needs would enjoy this feature much more.


The Motospeed CK62 offers 19 different lighting modes, and you can change the color of your bike with just two keys. To engage a mode press FN+menu key on the left hand side for reds or rightsaltand ctrl to cycle through colors; alternatively there are 8 solid hues available in this section as well by pressingFnN+up or down arrow keys.

FN + any of the keys between 5 and 0 to set up your custom lighting modes! Press one key then go through this process by pressing slashes for starting/ending recordings, use whichever is most convenient. To access these saved presets at anytime just press FN+combo when desired – it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Switch and Keycaps

The Outemu Red switch is surprisingly decent and quite satisfying. It has a high-pitch sound when being clicked, just like its Blue version which I don’t enjoy as much because of the scratchiness (and unfortunately it’s also known to be really loud). The 50g actuation force requirement means this keyboard will work better for gamers than lighter weight typists – but that doesn’t mean you can only use these keys in your game!
A lot goes into making an authentic typing experience from start to finish: selecting appropriate switches; choosing colors or materials depending what genre fits best with style guidelines set forth by graphic designers who know how important their artistry truly is; and finally committing to a strict quality control process.


NKRO or Nkey rollover? This keyboard has it! No matter if you are using a wired connection or through Bluetooth, all the keys work without conflict. In fact I was able to test this feature with my own hands by pressing on different characters and letters – they tapped right away without any errors at all.

I was actually quite surprised with how well the Outemu Reds worked for me. I didn’t have much hope in this due to my experience of high- pitched, scratchy blue that gave harsh feedback when typing on it but the red seemed like just what i needed; low actuation force (50g) so I don’t overdo it and type too fast which is really comfortable as most folks who type a lot can relate – also liked using them just fine even though there are no tactile bumps or clicks anymore either since those made things feel more mechanical than preferred sometimes while trying other boards from time to time.
The Red Switch from Gateron is a great option for gamers who want to minimize unnecessary movement. Its 50g actuation force means that you can press down and bottom out the keys easily, making it ideal if your fingers will be on any other sound equipment as well! Additionally this style of switch does not make much noise due to its silent operation so these keyboards would also fit into what some people call “steaming streams.”

Battery Life

The keyboard has a built-in 1300mAh of battery that lasts up to 10 hours on light usage or even more when it’s in power saving mode. Charging time is 3-4 hrs with the indicator turning red if you leave your Keylight charging overnight without unplugging once! The LED will stay lit while using batteries but should go out after ten minutes so as not wear them out quicker than necessary.”

Bottom Line

The Motospeed CK62 is a budget 60% keyboard that has the potential for being decent, to say the least. It has comfortable floating keys design and works in both wired mode & wireless mode with surprisingly good Outemu red switches under its hoods as well.
The typing experience on this keyboard is solid, but it does have its quirks. The Caps Lock LED and Bluetooth signal can be a little off at times – although if you’re willing to tinker with a work-around solution like these people did in the comments below from our last review post then there’s no problem.
If you’re looking for a keyboard that can function as both leisure and productivity device, then I highly recommend this one. It has all the basic features needed in either situation but does lack some extra perks like macro keys which may be handy depending on your needs!
For more information about how to best use these products we will help if possible so don’t hesitate asking away 🙂

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL

The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is a TenKeyLess gaming keyboards with many features and superb companion software. It has full RGB backlighting, macro-programmable keys that can be programmed to perform any task you want them too in seconds thanks it’s OLED screen on the bottom right corner of its Poker layout typing surface! The construction quality feels nearly identical as their higher end product:The steel face plate gives off light brown mechanical key switches which provide excellent tactility while still remaining quiet at night or during those longer computing sessions when others might find themselves bored before long enough for sleep talk. The media control and lock keys are located in the top left, as well as a large delete key. One issue I had with it is that the Fn key is on the left side, which can be annoying if you are used to having it on the right. I do enjoy typing on this board, it feels good and has a nice backlight that’s easy to customize.


The company behind this keyboard is taking it to the next level with their newest product. The advantages are that it has excellent build quality, outstanding gaming features such as Super Key programmable macro keys and full waterproofing for those who love playing games in a more active manner! And if you’re not feeling like typing on your computer all day then there’s no need because they’ve also included companion software so now we can control lights from our phone too (or anything else).


One drawback might be dust attracted by its wrist rest but overall I think these keyboards will make life easier for many people and I highly recommend it!

More Pros & Cons

1: best compact mechanical keyboard
2: SteelSeries Apex TKL
3: full RGB backlighting
4: macro-programmable keys
5: OLED screen on the bottom right corner of its Poker layout typing surface!


Height  1.6″ (4.0 cm)
Width 14.0″ (35.5 cm)
Depth  5.5″ (13.9 cm)
Weight  1.54 lbs (0.700 kg)

The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is small enough to fit in any bag or backpack, but if you want a full size keyboard go with the Steel Series Pro instead.

Build Quality 

The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL’s build quality is excellent and nearly identical to the SteelSeries Apex Pro. While most of this keyboard are made from plastic, it has an aluminum plate on top that provides rigidity for stability. The keycaps are doubleshot ABS which makes them durable as well; plus there is no sign or wobbling whatsoever! It comes with a wrist rest attached magnetically so you can take your typing sessions everywhere-even when not at home (it even works wirelessly!).


The typing experience on this keyboard is excellent. It has one incline setting and comes with a wrist rest that attaches magnetically, but it’s also quite comfortable to use without one thanks in part to its soft finish–a bit dusty though so keep an eye out for particles flying up from underneath! The keys feel very light when touched which helps prevent fatigue quickly; even if you’re tapping away madly like me while gaming or coding all day long (I’m not going anywhere), there won’t be any sign of tiring after about 2 hours worth of work time.


If you’re looking for a high-quality keyboard that not only offers great features but also has tons of customization options then the SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is worth checking out. You can customize each key individually and make your own custom backlight color with their easy to use software! The lighting comes in different modes like Breathing, Static 2D image or 3D animated images which look really cool against this sleek design – perfect if minimalism isn’t intollerable (like me).


The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL’s typing experience is great. Our unit has tactile SteelSeries Brown linear switches, which are somewhat similar to Cherry MX Brown switches; however, the tactile bump isn’t nearly as pronounced or firm and feels softer. The dedicated arrow keys have a fairly standard spacing with stable keyboards for accuracy while not being too responsive so they won’t cause any fatigue even when typing long periods of time at faster speeds like 70 wpm (words per minute).

Our feeling is that the SteelSeries Brown switches will be quieter than other keyboards and shouldn’t bother those around you. We expect a little more noise from Red, but not enough for any big annoyance factor in an office setting–especially if they’re muted!

The input text doesn’t really tell anything new or interesting so we need to expand on this idea by adding some details about what type of sounds each switch makes when typing with them during different scenarios (e-mailing someone at work vs posting something publicly online)

This keyboard has excellent latency, and most people are very unlikely to notice any delays. It also features anti-ghosting technology so you can type as fast with more than one finger at once without missing a keystroke.
The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is the perfect choice for gamers who want a keyboard that can be customized in seconds with outstanding software support. The RGB backlighting, remap keys and macros are all customizable using the company’s Engine 2 programing tools which lets you save five different profiles on board while also having cloud sync enabled so your settings will transfer over seamlessly to another computer without hassle or waiting around.

The Steel Series Apex 7 TKL is a well-rounded keyboard that will work with all major desktop operating systems, but it lacks the ability to customize or import profiles from cloud storage.

Bottom Line

The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is an outstanding gaming keyboard. It’s made with a sturdy build and features easy-to press brown switches that provide good tactile feedback, as well as full RGB lighting for your perfect look! The OLED screen lets you change settings without minimizing games or closing companion software while also allowing reprogramming of keys via custom key mapping tools in both cases (with no need to close any programs). All these great features make this board one we’ll highly recommend when looking into purchasing something from their line up – now available at our store.


GAMDIAS has designed the Hermes E3 to be a 61-key product with only what they deem necessary for gaming. With an internal 60% keyboard, this compact portable device can play both roles and more!

The output is informative but also includes some jokes about how GAMDias trims down unnecessary features from their full size keyboards without sacrificing portability.

The best part about the keyboard is it’s compatibility with both Mac and PC. It also comes pre-installed with RGB backlighting software that is fully customizable, making it a great keyboard for those who like to have control over their devices.

The detachable cable attaches to a USB Type-C port on one end, and we see now that it leads towards the bottom left corner where you’ll find an input for our mouse. The other side has black insulation in order to match this keyboard’s color scheme as well 6′ long aftermarket cables should work without any problems if they’re full size instead of mini 2×2 or 3rd party types like I saw with some others at first glance.


The feature set of this keyboard is perfect for those who like to type fast and accurately. You get durable doubleshot injected PBT keycaps, 16.8 M RGB backlighting with 19 lighting effects (included are Layer modifier keys!), layers that bring missing functions from a TL/DL switch onto smaller 60% keyboards as well multiple mechanical switch choices covering all three feedback mechanisms – switches ranging between Cherry MX Brown or Blue rubber domes with Sense impression technology! There’s also two color options available: blue on one side which has an aesthetic similar in appearance to Microsoft’s offering; orange peel texture printed outwards if you want something more unique looking than plain old black plastic cases going around these days… And lastly Type-C connectivity which is a nice addition.


The disadvantages of this keyboard are that it does not come with a key-mapping option, which is especially hurtful for those who type on keyboards often. Keyboard specific secondary legends cannot be lit up like regular keys and will wear out sooner rather than later in time as well without any manual included to help you make use of your 60% layout!


The GAMDIAS HERMES E3 has been tested and confirmed to work with Aqua’s test of full N-key rollover, as well. The keys on the basekeyboard,re dedicated for functions like Win which aren’t typical in form factor keyboards such as this one since it is a TKL (TN + rency). When first connected up though you’ll notice that there’s an effect where colors change depending what color light sourceies behind them – this confirms all basic functionality works fine when powered by your computer.

There are many more lighting effects than on the HERMES M5, and this is further helped by 16.8 million colors rather than just Ice Blue in five brightness steps for a total of 19 available options including static as well dynamic reactive ones! You can see two examples here: one all green color with multi-colored sparks coming off it (Dyn) and another that seems like clouds moving across your screen but still has some light shining through them (Static).


The GAMDIAS HERMES E3 does not have any dedicated software driver support. All functionality is hardware based, so I combined the Software and Performance pages for it on my page since there might be a potential limit to its microcontroller that makes customization difficult or impossible in this case (although other keyboards with similar MCUs seem functional). However you decide to look at things though–whether as an average user who would never know about these details anyway or someone more deeply invested into keyboard hacking culture!–the bottom line here still remains: No one will ever need drivers from us because they’re already running inside their playing instrument!

Bottom Line

The Gamdias HERMES E3 is a full-size keyboard that offers some interesting features to make it stand out from the competition. The two tone keycaps and single color LED give this particular model its own identity, with many other keyboards on the market for about $60 less than what you would have paid at first glance if they were all alike in every way possible inside their switches or stabilizers as well (which not too many can claim). While I thought these little details might be something worth mentioning considering how popular competing brands are currently since so much effort goes into making them better each day; but then again we’ll just leave everything up.

There is still no software support from GAMDIAS, but this time around on the 60% form factor it’s arguably worse. Customization helps fine-tune your user experience and get those few extra keys you want where they are most comfortable at home or in game. Instead we have to rely on what heights were given by layout designers – which isn’t as universal a programming due to its HERMES E3 targeting gamers with WASD key placement for arrow navigation instead of F1 through FN+0 etc.

The new E3 Hermes gaming keyboard is the perfect accessory for gamers who want to add a little flair and panache in their game. There are 19 different lighting effects, including per-key RGB; however there’s no option of choosing colors so you’re stuck with whatever they decide on at any given time–a bit less customization than previous models from this company (but still great!). At $54 it may seem like too much money upfront but when we take into account how many people will be buying one as opposed to just getting individual keyboards or mice then it becomes easier justify that expense due its popularity among those looking into high quality gear without spending an arm nor leg!

Even though 60%+ markets aren’t yet filled out enough considering competition.