Best RGB Mechanical keyboard Under 100$ – The Perfect Guide

In the event that you’re needing the Best RGB Mechanical keyboard Under 100$, we will cover our best RGB mechanical keyboard for our fans . You can get extraordinary mechanical Keyboard in this value reach, and you can really get a couple of film Keyboard that perform similarly as well.

PC gaming resembles some other side interest or leisure activity, you really want the best gear to finish things. Without having the most ideal Keyboard , you will not partake as far as you can tell so a lot.

Best RGB Mechanical keyboard Under 100$

In this post, we will be checking out the best gaming mechanical Keyboard in the $100 territory, most of which will be mechanical. This value range is an ideal fit for anybody, regardless of whether you’re simply getting into PC gaming, or you’ve been grinding away since Pentium 2 was still new.
Before the finish of this rundown, it ought to be certain that spending more doesn’t generally improve! There are a lot of incredible Keyboard for under $100 and you’re going to see best 2 of them.

EVGA Z15 Keyboard

The EVGA Z15 is a regular mechanical gaming keyboard that is hot-swappable, so you can trade out the switches for a vibe or brand that you like. It has remarkably low idleness, among the most reduced we’ve estimated. It has adaptable RGB backdrop illumination, committed media keys, a volume control wheel, and you can set macros to any key. While it doesn’t have a USB passthrough or committed full scale keys, there’s a comparable model called the EVGA Z20 that does, yet it isn’t hot-swappable. Sadly, it utilizes ABS keycaps that are inclined to create sparkle from finger oils. Additionally, the gamer-forward keycap textual style and the enormous EVGA marking plate at the highest point of the board might trouble certain individuals.

Our Verdict

The EVGA Z15 is extraordinary for gaming. This very much constructed keyboard has a remarkably low snap idleness and is one of the most reduced we’ve tried. All of its keys are full scale programmable, and you can handle the RGB backdrop illumination on a for each key premise. The clicky Kailh Speed Bronze switches on our unit feel light and responsive, and the pre-travel distance is more limited than on a few other clicky switches. Since the board is hot-swappable, you can likewise trade out the switches for any vibe you like.

Extraordinarily low snap dormancy.
Hot-swappable switches.
Adaptable RGB backdrop illumination.
All keys are full scale programmable.


ABS keycaps effectively foster sparkle.

Assemble Quality

The EVGA Z15 feels very much fabricated. Its plastic base and brushed metal plate feel durable and display next to no flex. The double shot ABS keycaps feel decent for ABS plastic, yet since they get oil more effectively than PBT plastic, they’re inclined to sparkle. The stabilizers feel truly steady, and surprisingly the enormous keys don’t wobble a lot. The feet are grippy enough to keep the board from moving accidentally, and they don’t implode when you push it in advances.


The EVGA Z15 has great ergonomics. It’s a straight board with two slope settings and marginally bent keycaps. It accompanies an attractively connected hard plastic wrist rest that assists a piece with act, yet it isn’t plushy like the wrist lay on the EVGA Z20. Nonetheless, it should in any case feel sufficiently good to not cause exhaustion during significant stretches of composing.


The EVGA Z15 has full RGB with exclusively lit keys. You can modify impacts and tones utilizing the EVGA Unleash RGB programming. It’s great at shading blending, however green and blue light reflects off of the keycaps, which can get irritating to see white backdrop illumination.

Link and Connector

It accompanies a standard twisted link that is genuinely flimsy and holds crimps.

Composing Quality

The EVGA Z15 has awesome composing quality. The keycaps feel very really great for ABS, despite the fact that they might be inclined to sparkle. All of the keys feel very steady, and surprisingly the greater keys, similar to the Spacebar, Enter, and Shift keys, don’t wobble. The Kailh Speed Bronze switches offer decent material criticism, yet the short pre-travel distance is more limited than on most clicky switches, which might make you coincidentally activate some keys on the off chance that you’re not used to the responsiveness. While it accompanies a wrist rest, it isn’t exceptionally plushy since it’s made of hard plastic with a leatherette cover, which may not feel good to certain individuals.


The EVGA Z15 variation we tried utilizations Kailh Speed Bronze switches, which feel light and responsive. The pre-travel distance is a lot more limited than other clicky switches, which might make you coincidentally activate keys on the off chance that you’re not used to the awareness.
On the off chance that you try to avoid the clicky feel, it’s additionally accessible with Kailh Speed Silver switches, which are straight and don’t give any material criticism. In the event that you’re uncertain which feel you like, the board is hot-swappable, so you can without much of a stretch trade them out for any three-pin switches you like. EVGA likewise has a non-mechanical variant, the EVGA Z12, in the event that you try to avoid the vibe of the mechanical switches by any means.

Composing Noise

The Kailh Speed Bronze switches on our unit are clearly and may trouble everyone around you, particularly in a commotion touchy climate. This keyboard is additionally accessible with Kailh Speed Silver switches, which ought to be calmer.


The EVGA Z15 has astoundingly low snap inactivity that should feel responsive enough in any event, for cutthroat gamers.
While most keyboards have a surveying pace of 1000Hz, this keyboard can likewise be set to 2000Hz or 4000Hz, so we tried it at its greatest surveying rate. We didn’t test it at lower than 4000Hz, yet we expect that the inertness ought to be higher, albeit just barely.
Programming and Programming
The EVGA Unleash RGB programming offers a ton of customization choices. While the connection point itself is genuinely burdensome and feels less refined than a few different projects, setting macros and changing the RGB backdrop illumination ought to be sufficiently simple to sort out.

keyboard Compatibility

The EVGA Z15 is completely viable with Windows, and just the Pause Break and Scroll Lock buttons don’t chip away at macOS. Since the product is just accessible on Windows, you can’t set macros or change the backdrop illumination consequences for macOS or Linux.

Additional Features

Utilizing the EVGA Unleash RGB programming, you can set macros to any key on the board. There are devoted media keys over the numpad which incorporates a volume wheel. You can place the keyboard into game mode by squeezing Fn + G, which incapacitates the Windows key to keep you from coincidentally limiting your game. Dissimilar to the EVGA Z20, it doesn’t have a USB passthrough, a 3.5mm sound jack, or a period of-flight sensor, however it is hot-swappable.

EVGA Z20 Keyboard

The EVGA Z20 is an extraordinary mechanical gaming keyboard . It has a strong inclination construct, great ergonomics, and a separable wrist rest. It additionally has uncommonly low inertness and a promoted surveying pace of 4000Hz, however this isn’t something we right now test. It’s accessible with either clicky or straight Light Strike LK Optical switches. A portion of its extra highlights incorporate full RGB backdrop illumination, committed large scale and media keys, a 3.5mm sound port, a USB passthrough, a volume wheel, and a period of-flight sensor that you can program to fill roles in light of your distance from the keyboard . Sadly, it has an extremely forceful gamer look and conspicuous marking that certain individuals may find diverting.

Our Verdict

The EVGA Z20 is amazing for gaming. It has a tough inclination construct, full RGB backdrop illumination, devoted large scale keys, and great ergonomics with an extravagant leatherette wrist rest and different slope settings. It additionally has incredibly low inactivity and hearty buddy programming for design. The unit we tried has clicky Light Strike LK Optical switches that vibe exceptionally light, have a short pre-travel, and a little material knock to defeat before activation. In the event that you’d lean toward a direct switch without material input, this keyboard is likewise accessible with straight Light Strike LK Optical switches.

Extraordinarily low snap dormancy.
Extraordinary form quality.
Full RGB backdrop illumination with exclusively illuminated keys.
Numerous helpful additional elements.


Slight wobble on balanced-out keys, particularly the spacebar.

Build Quality

The EVGA Z20 feels very much constructed. It has a plastic body with RGB zones on one or the other side and a brushed metal base plate that is exceptionally tough and displays practically no flex. The committed full-scale keys and the WASD keys have keycaps with finished surfaces and extra RGB features, however, there are substitutions included for every one of these keys without surface or extra RGB on the off chance that you like. The keycaps are double shot ABS, which will in general make printed legends more sturdy yet makes keycaps more inclined to create sparkle from finger oils. The stabilizers are OK, however, the bigger keys experience the ill effects of a slight wobble and fairly lopsided travel. The keyboard feet are customary however feel grippy enough to forestall slipping, and they don’t implode assuming you poke the keyboard forward.


The EVGA Z20 has a straight plan with great ergonomics. It has a slight grade of course, the keycaps have bended profiles, and there are two extra slope settings. There’s additionally a plushy leatherette wrist rest incorporated that you can append attractively to the lower part of the board, so you’re probably not going to encounter any weariness, even from delayed composing.


The EVGA Z20 has portions of RGB along with one or the other side and full RGB backdrop illumination with separately lit keys. The lighting is completely adaptable utilizing the buddy programming, and it has extraordinary shading blending by and large, however, there’s a marginally pinkish tint recognizable at the edges of the WASD keys when showing white.
The EVGA Z20 has an extremely thick, plaited link that holds wrinkles. The link has one USB connector for the actual keyboard, in addition to extra USB and AUX link connectors for the USB and the sound pass-throughs, individually.

Composing Quality

The EVGA Z20 has excellent composing quality. The keycaps are caused of ABS plastic and to feel great to type on, yet they’re inclined to show oil marks from fingers. The rendition we tried has clicky Light Strike LK Optical switches that vibe extremely light and responsive and have a little material knock for input. All things considered, you might wind up unintentionally making more errors because of the short pre-travel distance and light measure of power needed to impel keys; some gamers might favor this undeniable degree of responsiveness. A portion of the bigger keys additionally wobble somewhat in the event that your fingers don’t exactly land perfectly placed, particularly on the spacebar. In any case, it’s actual slight, and many individuals may not take note.


The EVGA Z20 we tried has clicky Light Strike LK Optical switches, which feel exceptionally light and responsive and have a little material knock. It’s additionally accessible with direct Light Strike LK Optical switches, which don’t give material input, yet we anticipate that they should feel significantly more responsive.

Typing Noise

The EVGA Z20 is very clear and may trouble people around you. The unit we tried has clicky Light Strike LK Optical switches, but at the same time it’s accessible with straight Light Strike LK Optical switches, which we hope to be to some degree calmer.


The EVGA Z20 has extraordinarily low inactivity, and you can set the surveying rate to either 1000Hz, 2000Hz, or 4000Hz utilizing the friend programming. We kept the surveying rate to the limit of 4000Hz for our tests, and we’re sure this should just affect the inertness test. While we didn’t test the lower surveying rates, we expect just imperceptibly higher inertness comes about because of doing as such.

Software and Programming

The EVGA Z20 keyboard has buddy programming that considers a wide scope of customization. While setting macros and programming RGB lighting is easy, the product can be somewhat burdensome and needs clean in certain areas.
keyboard Compatibility
The buddy programming isn’t viable with macOS or Linux, and the Pause/Break and Scroll Lock keys don’t chip away at macOS.

Additional Features

The EVGA Z20 has a scope of additional highlights, including committed full-scale keys, devoted media keys, a volume wheel, a period of-flight (ToF) sensor, and both a 3.5mm sound port and a USB passthrough. The ToF sensor is a little vicinity sensor at the lower part of the keyboard that you can program to change lighting impacts, lock/open or rest/awaken your PC when you approach or get away from your keyboard . You can change the sensor’s reach and usefulness utilizing the sidekick programming.

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EVGA Z20 Keyboard


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