Double-Shot vs Dye-Sub Keycaps: Which Is Better?

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, there are two camps Double-Shot vs Dye-Sub Keycaps. One says “double shot” is best, the other thinks double shot is awful. In this article, I’ll examine the pros and cons of each and show you why I’m so confident that I know which one is better for you.

The best way to measure the quality of keycaps is to get a feel for which one feels best in your hand. The keycap you use will depend on a variety of factors, including the feel, design, material, price, and color. If you’re trying to decide between two keycap options, it might be worth trying both types on your keyboard to see which one feels best. However, before making the decision to go with one type or another, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of each option. The following article discusses Double-Shot and Dye-Sub keycaps and how they compare to each other.

Double-Shot vs Dye-Sub Keycaps

Do you know the difference between a double shot keycap and a dye sub keycap? If you don’t, now you know!

 Summary of Dye-Sub Keycaps

In 2009, two young brothers named Ryan and Matt Gaskin found themselves working part-time jobs while they developed a new kind of keyboard. They wanted to change how people typed, because they were tired of spending hours and hours each day trying to avoid the same, repetitive typing errors. But they knew they needed a better solution than the ones out there. So they made something called Dye-Sub (pronounced “die-sub”) – and they released it to the public in early 2012. Since then, people have been buying and selling Dye-Subs online, creating their own custom keysets for their computers and keyboards.

Pros of Dye-Sub Keycaps

Summary of Double-Shot Keycaps

A double-shot keycap is a keycap that can hold two types of keys – or double keys. They can either be split horizontally or vertically and are often used to add additional keys to your keyboard. They are typically used as modifiers, often to help to reach more keys on the keyboard. Many keyboards have doubleshot caps to reduce the amount of travel required for the keys to actuate. However, these are not the only double-shot keys. Some keyboards have a full set of doubleshots while others have only some, but there is a demand for all.

 Pros of Double-Shot Keycaps

The Differences Between Dye-Sub and Double-Shot Keycaps

You probably know that some keycaps are dyed, but do you know all of the differences between the two? There are three main differences between double-shot and dye-sub caps:

1.Dye-Sub Caps are made with a special formula that allows you to wash them, and even use a gentle soap, without any risk of fading.

2.Double-shot caps are not made with a special formula. The color will fade if you wash them.

3.Dye-sub caps are less expensive than double-shot caps because they are produced using fewer steps and they don’t need to be individually dyed. They are usually sold in bulk packs.

4. Dye-subs have several advantages over double-shots.

5. They last longer than double-shots, so you can save money by buying more caps.

6. They come in a variety of colors. You don’t have to buy the same color as your keys.

7. They are easier to clean. You can use a cloth or rag to remove dust and grime from them.

8. You can dye the caps using water-based stains. Double-shots are usually sold in packages that include a bottle of oil-based stain.

Choosing the Best One for You

Which one should you choose? The two major types of switches for mechanical keyboards are double shot and dye sub. While both types perform the same function, they’re designed differently, and there are pros and cons for each. A double shot switch is a solid switch (not sure if that’s a thing) that has a magnet underneath that allows for two different positions: actuated and deactuated. While you might not have heard of this switch type, it’s actually a pretty common one, especially among budget models.

The downside to a double shot switch is that it can be hard to feel which key is actuated or deactuated. A dye sub, on the other hand, uses a drop of liquid dye to change color. The drop of liquid is placed on the surface of the keycap, then the keyboard goes through a light cycle that lets the dye sub do its thing. This is a pretty common switch type, and some people find it to be much more responsive than double shot switches.

How to Choose the Best Type of Keycap for Your Keyboard

When you buy a keyboard, the keys are one of its most important features. They should be large, easy to press, have plenty of travel, and be backlit. But there’s a lot more to consider. When you’re buying a keyboard, you also need to choose between double shot and dye-sub keycaps.

What are the differences?

Keycap: Dye-Sub vs. Double Shot There are two main types of keycap on the market. One is the traditional double-shot keycap, which is made by applying clear plastic over the top of a dye-subbed keycap. The other is the double-shot keycap, which is made with two layers of plastic. These are commonly referred to as “dye-sub” and “double shot” keycaps. When it comes to keycap quality, these two are the same.

In fact, the only difference between them is that the dye-subbed keycaps have a more consistent appearance, due to the way they are dyed. The major downside of the double-shot keycap is that they are slightly thicker than the dye-subbed keycaps. That’s because the dye-subbed keycaps are made from clear plastic, whereas the double-shot keycaps use a transparent plastic for the top layer and a clear plastic for the bottom layer.

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Why are doubleshot keycaps better?

Doubleshot keycaps provide an extra layer of protection to the keys, so the chances of them being bent are greatly reduced. They also offer a higher level of resistance than singleshot keycaps. Additionally, the more you use a certain key, the more it wears down and the easier it is for your hand to slip off of the keyboard.

 Does dye-sub fade keycaps?

I’ve been told that some people get frustrated by this issue, because if you press a button while the keys are stained from dyesub, it often sticks to the surface, making it difficult to press. I don’t really notice this myself, but if I ever get annoyed, I can just clean them up a little.

 Is Double Shot PBT keycaps good?

Yes. They have been known to cause problems. Double shot PBT keys can cause all kinds of issues with your keyboards, including “key bounce,” “key sticking,” and “chattering.” So be careful with them. There are plenty of good alternatives on the market, too.


You may be wondering, why double-shot keycaps? Well, if you read the article you may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of dye-sub, so I figured I’d share with you my experience with it. With double-shot, you’ll be able to use either one of the two colors at any given time and you can do that while maintaining a consistent feel between the two. On top of that, the double-shots don’t warp over time, which makes it easier to swap out your keys after they’ve been sitting for a while. Overall, double-shot is a great option if you’re looking to save money on your keycaps.