Complete Guide to Gazzew Switches: Everything You Need to Know

Gazzew switches are a type of keyboard switch which has a tactile bump when activated. This makes them popular among gamers, who often need to rapidly hit keys in order to react quickly in games.

They’re also popular among typists, as they offer more resistance than regular keyboards and allow for more accurate key presses. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about gazzews switches, from the basics to in-depth reviews of some of the best models on the market.

What are Gazzew Switches

Gazzews switches are a type of keyboard switch which has a tactile bump when activated. This makes them popular among gamers, who often need to rapidly hit keys in order to react quickly in games. They’re also popular among typists, as they offer more resistance than regular keyboards and allow for more accurate key presses.

Until recently, gazzew switches were only available on expensive gaming keyboards. But now, they’re available on a growing number of consumer keyboards as well.

How are Gazzew Switches Different from Other Keyboard Switches?

Gazzews switches are unique because the bump they give off when activated is tactile. This means that you can feel it through your finger. Other keyboard switches, such as rubber domes, do not produce a bump and must be actuated by pressing down on the keycap.
The downside to gazzew’s switches is that they don’t work with all keyboards. They’re only available on certain models of gaming keyboards and some types of typists’ keyboards.

What are the Best Gazzew Switches

There are a few factors to consider when selecting the best gazzews switches for your needs. First, you’ll want to decide which type of keyboard they’re compatible with. Most models include gazzew switch options, but some keyboards may not have them available due to manufacturer restrictions. Second, you’ll need to consider the feel of the bump they produce and how comfortable it is for you to use the keyboard. Third, you’ll need to decide on the budget and what features are important to you.

How to use a Gazzew Switch

There are two ways to use a gazzew switch. The first, and more common option is that of mating the actuator plate and matching it with your existing key set-up. The second, less common alternative involves using specially designed keyboard riser kits – some have four vertical columns/posts (top row keys) and others mix different types of switches e.g., membrane protector or screw DSA ones for triple shot wells. Once you’ve matched the actuator plate and key sets, fit the keyboard riser to the keyboard frame. Make sure that both your switches and riser are mounted in such a way as to ensure good contact between them.

Types of Gazzew Switches available on Keyboards

There are basically three types of switches that are available on the market – contactors, momentary contacts, and SPDT switches.

Contactor Switches
Contactors are the most common type and offer the widest range of applications. Their main advantage is their wide range of compatibility; they can be used in a variety of ways with a greater number of key sets than any other switch type. They also have high reliability due to their simple design.

Momentary Contact Switches
Momentary contact switches are ideal for small projects where reliability is key. They offer fast actuation time, meaning that you won’t have to wait long for your desired action to happen. This type of switch also has a higher Maximum Input Rockwell Rating (MIRR) than any other switch type, which means it can handle Higher Pressures and temperatures than most others without suffering in performance. Lastly, they’re less popular than contactors but do have a few specific applications where they might be the best choice.

SPDT Switches
SPDT switches are perfect for tasks that need to be completed in multiple steps. They offer two options – “on” and “off” – which can be activated with one action. This makes them ideal for use in Automation or Control Systems.

Switch Types – A Closer Look

Linear Switches:

Linear switches are the most common type of switch found in keyboards. They’re simple, reliable, and easy to use – perfect for anyone who wants a basic keyboard without any extra features or complications.

1-Single-Action Linear Switches
This type of switch requires one action to “turn on” – meaning it’s ideal for Automation or Control Systems. They have a fast actuation time so you won’t have to wait long for your next action.
2-Two-Action Linear Switches
Two-action linear switches offer the same convenience as single-action versions, but also include a “backward” function which can be used to go back one step in your automation or control sequence. This is useful if you need to enter a particular value multiple times, for example, Pulse and multiturn linear switches. Click here for complete review about linear switches .

Clicky Switches:

Clicky switches are unique because they make a distinct “click” sound when activated. They’re perfect for gamers who want to mute their keyboard (or any other noisy environment) without having to press anything twice – just hold down the key you want to turn off and click the switch.Click here for complete review about Click Switches

Bumpy Tactile Switches:

Bumpy tactile switches are similar to clicky switches, but they offer a more tactile feel when pressed – perfect for users who want a more luxurious keyboard experience. They’re also great for people with arthritis or other physical limitations that make it difficult to press regular mechanical switches.

Silent Switches:

Silent switches are a unique type of switch that doesn’t make any noise when activated. This makes them perfect for environments where you don’t want to be disturbed, like nighttime coding sessions or working in a quiet office. They’re also great for people who have trouble hearing regular clicking noises – perfect if you’re using a keyboard at home and need to keep the noise level down for your loved ones.

Kailh Box Switches:

Kailh Box switches are a type of switch that’s unique because it uses a built-in metal enclosure to protect the switch from dust, dirt, and other debris. This makes them ideal for use in high-dust or high-moisture environments like kitchens or factories. They’re also great for users who want an extra layer of security when it comes to their keyboard – no more worrying about accidental spills.

Clickbar Switches:

Clickbar switches are a unique type of switch that’s popular because it combines the convenience of clicky switches with the functionality of a traditional keyboard layout. This makes them perfect for users who want to have both an advanced gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard at the same time.

Is Gazzew Switch Is Mechanical Switch?

Switching to a mechanical switch can be a great decision for anyone looking for an easy-to-use product with no electrical waste. Gazzew switch is a mechanical switch that is both easy to use and environmentally friendly. It’s perfect for people who are looking for an easy switch that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Modifying Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Following are the ways to modify a mechanical keyboard switch:

1. Soldering the contacts
This is the most common way to modify a switch, and it’s generally easier than other methods because no hardware or software is required. You can solder either one of the two leads coming from the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) directly onto each contact, or you can do something more advanced called “bridge-burning” where you place both leads on top of each contact, but then heat them up so that they melt together and form a bridge.

2. Glueing or using adhesives
Another common way to modify switches is to use glue or adhesive to hold the switch in place. This method is generally easier than soldering because you don’t have to deal with any heat, and it’s less likely that the switch will accidentally fall off if your workmanship isn’t perfect.

3. Using a modified switch
If you want to do something more advanced than just attaching the leads, you can also use a “switch mod” (which is often simply called a “switch”) which is essentially an electronic circuit that allows you to control the switch manually from your keyboard. This is helpful if you want to create custom macros or shortcuts, or if you want to disable certain keys completely.

Gazzew Switches On Keyboards– Brands and Manufacturers

Following are some of the most popular brands and manufacturers of keyboards that feature Gazzew switches:

1. Corsair
Corsair is a well-known brand when it comes to computer parts and peripherals, and they also make keyboards that feature Gazzew switches. Some of their more popular models include the Corsair K70 LUX RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
2. MSI
MSI makes some of the most professional gaming hardware available, and they also make a couple of keyboards that feature Gazzew switches. One of their more popular models is the MSI AN270 gaming keyboard which features a backlit keycap and an adjustable polling rate (which allows you to change how often the keys send input to your computer).
3. Razer
Razer is known for making high-quality gaming hardware, and they also make a couple of keyboards that feature Gazzew switches. Some of their more popular models include the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Keyboard and the Razer KeyBOARD G65 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
4- Goliath
Goliath is a Finnish company that makes computers and peripherals. Their most popular product, however, is the Ducky Shine 2 keyboard which features keys with a bubble-like shape (these are known as “gazzew” switches). Many of their keyboards feature gamer aesthetics to go along with yellow backlighting.
5- Rosewill
Rosewill has been making computer products for over 20 years now and one of their most popular products is their “gazzew” keyboard line. These keyboards feature a green backlight with white keys and an optical user interface that works on Windows and MacOS devices alike.
WASD makes several gaming keyboards which include the 104 TKL White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 105 RGB Backlit 7-Color MX Silent Wired Blue Switch Keyboard (Logitech compatible), 103 TKL Black Mechanical/ Blue Switch Keyboard, and the Red-Blue Wired 104 TKL Gaming Biathlon. Most of these keyboards feature a set of blue backlighted keys with WASD keycaps (even if it’s not actually called “gazzew”) for added flair.
7-  Gioteck:
When it comes to gazzesw I’m afraid that pretty much every company out there makes some sort of gaming keyboard from time to time, but Gioteck is definitely one of the more popular ones. They have a wide range of gaming keyboards that all include gazzew switches, including models for PC, MacOS, and even Android devices.

Gazzew Switches On Keyboard- Pros And Cons

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What is a gazzew switch?

A “gazzew” switch is a type of keyboard switch that was designed specifically for gaming. These switches feature keys with a bubble-like shape (known as “gazzeys”) and are typically more responsive than regular keyboard switches.

Do all Gioteck keyboards include gazzews?

No, not necessarily. Some Gioteck keyboards feature classic keyboard switches while others feature gazzews only.

What are some of the benefits of using a gazzew switch?

Some users find that gazzews are more responsive than regular keyboard switches, which can improve your gaming experience. They’re also considered to be more durable and resistant to dust and moisture, making them ideal for long-term use.

How do I install a gazzew switch?

Most Gioteck switches use the same basic installation procedure – you just need to remove the old switch and replace it with the new one. Once installed, simply reattach the cable and plug in your keyboard.


Overall, Gazzew Switches are best suited for geeks and gamers. They’re more responsive and durable than regular keyboard switches, making them perfect for gaming. And another advantage is that they’re compatible with a wide range of devices, so you can use them on your PC, macOS, or Android device. So if you’re looking for a switch that will improve your gaming experience then gazzew switches are the right choice.