How To Change Color On MSI Keyboard – An Expert Guide

While it might seem like a small change, you can actually save a lot of money by switching from white to black keys on your msi keyboard. In this article we will show you How To Change Color On MSI Keyboard.

To make your life easier when it comes to configuring your new PC, MSI offers a range of options when it comes to customizing its hardware. This guide will explain how to access the options that control the colors of your keyboard.

This is not an easy task, so we’ll need to work on this one carefully. We’re looking for a solid color, so we can start by removing all other colors from our keyboard, then add new ones until we have a decent idea of what we want. 

What is MSI Keyboard?

MSI Keyboard (MSI KB) is a keyboard for PC gamers. MSI KB can detect the gamer’s voice and provide customized keystrokes based on the games being played. The unique function of this keyboard is its ability to adjust its backlight according to the gamer’s voice. This keyboard is an ideal solution for gamers who spend long hours playing games and need better ergonomic comfort.

If you’re going to play games, it is very important that you find a good keyboard that will fit your hand. If you use a standard keyboard, you’ll often have to make your hands into a weird position. This can cause fatigue and discomfort. You might find yourself having a sore neck and shoulder while playing a game on your computer. You might also feel a lot of pain in your wrists and arms. A good keyboard will fit your hand and fingers perfectly. You’ll be able to type easily and comfortably.

Pros and Cons of MSI Keyboards 

The pros and cons of MSI Keyboards are as follow:

How to change the color of the keyboard on MSI

If you are thinking of changing the default colour of your keyboard, but not sure where to start, then you are in luck. I am going to give you a complete overview of how to change the colors of the keyboard on your MSI laptop.

The first thing to do, however, is to remove the sticker that is currently on the back of your keyboard.

Now that you’ve removed the sticker, you’ll need to go to the Start menu and type keyboard into the search box.

Then, click on Change PC Settings > colour . Here, you’ll find the option to change the colour of your keyboard.

In the next window, you’ll see two options: Basic and Advanced.
Choose the Basic option and then click the OK button.

In the next window, you’ll see two options: Basic and Advanced.

Choose the Basic option and then click the OK button.

Next, you’ll see a small preview window. If you are happy with the way that your keyboard looks, click Apply and then OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and return to the previous window.

What are the different colors on MSI Keyboard?

Most people like to customize their desktop, and when it comes to the design of your computer keyboard, MSI is no exception. There are six basic colors: red, yellow, blue, green, black, and white. In addition to these, you can choose between two more vibrant colors: purple and orange. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the standard six colors. Here are some of the other colour options available on your keyboard:

How to change the backlight settings on the MSI keyboard

The MSI Gaming keyboard is one of those must-have products for any serious gamer. The company has done a great job of making a product that fits right in with the gaming community. However, there’s always room for improvement. For instance, the company could change the backlight on the keyboard. But how? The answer: The company already has the settings on the computer, and it’s just a matter of changing the backlight settings on the keyboard.

The MSI Gaming Keyboard has a customizable LED backlight that changes color with the game or other key combination being used. It is possible to change the color of the LED backlight by using the function keys on the keyboard. There are 5 color choices available. Red, Blue, Green, Amber, and Clear.

Backlighting refers to a feature of many laptops where the keys glow in the dark. You can usually access this function by pressing fn+F7. The problem is that, once you press fn+F7, the backlight goes on and off very quickly. You don’t get a chance to actually see what the light is doing. MSI decided to solve this issue by creating a keyboard that had dedicated backlight control buttons. All you have to do is hold down one of these buttons, and the backlight will turn on or off for as long as you keep the button pressed. This solves both the problem of backlighting going off quickly, and also allows you to see exactly what the light is doing.

How to restore the original keyboard layout

You can do this via the control panel. Open up the control panel, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Change Control Panel Layout link. Now you’ll see a list of all the keyboard layouts available. Select the one you want to restore and click OK. That’s all there is to it.

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How do I change the LED light on my MSI keyboard?

There are three ways you can control the keyboard’s LED. The first way is through the BIOS settings, and the second is using the software bundled with the keyboard. The third way is through the keyboard’s USB connector itself. To activate the lighting effects, you will need to either physically connect the keyboard to a computer or turn the device’s power on. For more info on each of these methods, check out our guide to changing the keyboard’s lighting effects.

 How do you change your keyboard color?

You can customize the color of the buttons on your keyboard to suit your own preferences. However, if you’d rather stick to the default options, you can change the color of the keys themselves using a free program called Keyboard Maestro. This tool allows you to assign different colors to any key you choose. You can also create custom layouts, making it possible to create your own keyboard layout to suit your preferences.


So I hope this article has inspired you to be creative with your keyboard. In addition to changing color schemes, you can also change fonts, keycaps, and more. You might even want to consider creating custom LED lights to light up your keyboard. This could be a fun project for a group of friends. Who knows, maybe you could use them to make your living room a little more unique. Good luck!