How to Foam Mod a Keyboard – Expert Guide

How to Foam Mod a Keyboard? You can use foam to modify the keys on your keyboard and customize them to be as you like. This easy hack will let you customize your keyboard by adding foam.

Your keyboard is one of the essential pieces of tech that you own. It works with almost any keyboard. This allows you to easily and quickly add or change the look and feel of your keyboard. If you want to keep your keyboard modding simple and cost-effective, you should opt for foam. This will be helpful if you are looking to match the colors of your laptop, smartphone, or mouse.

How to Modify Your Keyboard Using Foam

Use a foam pad between the keybed and the keyboard to cushion the keybed. This effectively prevents keybed movement, which can happen when the keyboard is moved around on a table. Thinner foam will not provide much cushioning. Thicker foam will help prevent any movement. It is a good option for using a laptop and does not have the space for an extra monitor.

WHY should you foam mod your keyboard?

Foam moding your keyboard has become quite popular recently. Some people say that foam moding is the new trend. They say that using foam mod is fun and relaxing. First of all, it is better for your wrist. You will get more accurate and faster typing when you foam mod your keyboard. Your wrists will be more flexible, and your hands will stay healthier. If you foam mod your keyboard, your wrists will be stronger & avoid pain and injuries.

Types of form to mod keyboard 

Neoprene foam 

The neoprene foam for the keyboard is used to protect the keyboard from being damaged. When you sit down to use the computer, the keyboard is exposed to direct pressure and much vibration. This could damage your computer, especially if the keyboard has been sitting unused for a long time. When you use the keyboard, the foam should prevent the keys from breaking, and you should also be able to feel the keys when you use them. This foam will protect it from heat damage. To prevent keyboards from getting dirty, you can use neoprene foam to clean them. Just take some neoprene foam and put it between the keys. It will make sure that the keyboard is clean and sanitized. 

Sorbothane foam 

Sorbothane foam has many benefits. It helps you to type more easily and quickly. It can help you to reduce pain while typing and helps you to maintain your wrist muscles. You can use it for your laptop keyboard and protect your wrists from injuries.

Install foam into your keyboard by removing keys

Get the suitable foam:

You need to get the proper foam. You cannot just use any foam. You need to get a foam that is thick enough to prevent you from typing on it and thin enough to allow you to type on it.

Clean the keyboard 

Make sure the keyboard is clean. Clean the keyboard with a damp cloth. Ensure there is no dust on the keyboard, and Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the keyboard.

Measure your keyboard:

Measure the size of your keyboard. You can use a tape measure, ruler, or another measuring tool.

Remove the keys:

Open the keyboard and remove all of the keys. You will need to remove the keys from your keyboard to be able to insert the foam.

Install the foam:

Use a scissor to cut pieces of foam into the size you need. Use your fingers to push the foam under the keys.

Use the keys:

Now that you have the foam inserted re-attach all of the keys. You can use your keyboard again.

Advantages of Modifying Your Keyboard

The advantages of modifying your keyboard are many, including the fact that it can make typing more comfortable and easier to type. Modifying your keyboard can also make typing on an ergonomic keyboard easier. There are various reasons why modifying your keyboard can be beneficial, including that you can customize it, so it is more comfortable to use. You can customize your keyboard to make reaching specific keys easier or typing certain characters. Other benefits include improved ergonomics and reaching a more significant number of keys.

Disadvantages of Modifying Your Keyboard

Modifying your keyboard can be a great way to improve your typing skills, but it can also be harmful. When you change the key layout on your keyboard, you have to learn a new set of keys. This can be hard for some people. 

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This post provides information on How to Foam Mod a Keyboard, which is a great way to make it more comfortable and keep it in shape. This is an excellent technique if you want a new keyboard that can be customized for your needs.


Can you foam mod any keyboard?

Yes, you can foam mod any keyboard. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is put a little amount of Foam Mod under the keys that you want to foam mod. Ensure that you do not put too much foam under the keys. Otherwise, you can ruin the keyboard. After foaming mod, the keys will not feel so stiff anymore. You can also use Foam Mod on your laptop. That is what some people do to feel more comfortable while using the laptop.

How much foam do you put on a keyboard?

It depends on how thick your foam is and how much sound you want. Two layers might be better if it is thin, like Sorbothane foam or lining. You should use the amount of foam that makes you comfortable. Some people like to use too much foam, while others do not. You cannot put too much or too little foam on the keyboard. Most keyboards are covered with foam that makes them uncomfortable to type on.

Are mechanical keyboards too loud?

Computer gamers and programmers often use mechanical keyboards. You might find the sound annoying if you use a keyboard for work. It is often very distracting to people around you. It is also sometimes disturbing to your neighbors. That is why turning down the volume on your keyboard is good.

What does case foam do for keyboards?

Case foam is used in a keyboard to prevent the sound produced by the keys from getting too loud. In some models, you can hear the sounds of the keys even when the computer is turned off. However, case foam is a perfect solution to this problem. It works by reducing the amount of sound that you hear while typing. It is just a simple thing that you can do. Case foam is made of rubber and plastic. It comes in two parts. One is the top cover that protects your keyboard from dust and other things that might damage it. The other part is the bottom base that holds your keyboard up. You can buy case foam separately, or you can buy a case that has it already included. It is better to get a case that has case foam in it. Case foam is a type of padding material that helps to prevent the keys from becoming stiff. It also makes sure that your keyboard stays more relaxed and more comfortable. 

How often should I lube my keyboard?

Lubricating your keyboard is a great idea, mainly if you use it for long periods. Your keys can become worn and worn out if you do not use them for a long time. You should check your keyboard’s manual to find out how often it needs to be lubricated. Knowing about the maintenance procedures and following them if you use a computer is good. You can also use some commercial lubricants to protect your keyboard.