How To Spot GMK Keycap Clones – The Easy Guide

How To Spot GMK Keycap Clones If you’re looking to buy a keycap set, but aren’t sure if it’s an authentic GMK product or not, here is a quick guide on how to spot them.The first thing you need to do is check the font. If the keycap set doesn’t have a matching font used in official GMK products, it probably isn’t an authentic set and may be made from cheaper materials.

Next, look at the design and make sure that it matches any existing designs found within GMK products. If the keycap set features designs that are not currently found within any GMK products, it is likely a clone product.

Finally, check to see if the keycaps come in a package or box matching official GMK packaging. If they don’t, it’s most likely a fake set.

As GMK continues to grow in popularity, it’s no wonder that people would want to clone their keycaps and make their own sets. However, there are a few things that you can do in order to help spot GMK keycap clones from the real thing.

GMK keycap clones may look similar to the original sets. However, there are several things that they cannot accurately copy. Some of these include the packaging, the plastic material used, the consistency of the legends, the novelties, the thickness, and the color accuracy of the keycaps. These apply to most GMK clones. If you’re looking to buy a GMK keycap set, it’s important to be familiar with the characteristics of GMK keycap clones and how to identify them. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid being scammed and get your hands on a genuine set of keycaps!

How To Spot GMK Keycap Clones

Characteristics of GMK Keycap Clones

It can be tough to spot a GMK keycap clone, but with a bit of knowledge and a few simple checks, you can avoid any headaches. Always look for the ‘Gmk’ trademark on a keycap to ensure it’s a legitimate GMK clone. The stickers should be placed in such a way that they do not obscure the keyboard’s backlight or legends (if any). Another key indicator of a GMK clone is the switches – they should feel light and smooth. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is! Always do your research before buying anything, so you know you’re getting a quality product. Finally, remember – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Packaging of Clone Keycaps

Clone keycaps are often cheaply made and packaged in a low-quality way. This can result in the keycaps breaking or becoming unusable quickly. In addition, the keycaps themselves are usually copied from other brands, making them not original at all. Moreover, there is a high chance that they will not last long due to their poor construction.

Plastic Material Used On GMK Clone Keycaps

Almost all keycaps that are marketed as GMK clones are made out of a plastic material that is very similar to the original keyboard cap. If you’re looking for a genuine GMK clone, it’s important to check for these characteristics first. For example, the color may be slightly different but the shape and layout will be nearly identical. Another common issue with keycap clones is that they often have low quality-printing – which can make them look blurry or ruin the overall aesthetic appeal of your keyboard.

Consistency of Legends of GMK Clone Keycaps

Legends of Clone Keycaps is a keyboard keycap manufacturer that has been around for over a decade. They are known for their high-quality and consistent clones of popular mechanical keyboards. Before purchasing any Legends of Clone Keycaps keycap, it is important to identify which GMK clone you are getting. There are many GMK clones on the market, and not all are likely to be compatible with your keyboard or hardware. Additionally, almost all legends, font, keycap layout, and colors will be the same as those found on original GMK switches.

Novelties of GMK Clone Keycaps

Clone keycaps are a popular type of keyboard accessory that many people use. However, they often have low-quality materials and finishes, incorrect keycap legends or color schemes, and are usually cheaply made. To avoid getting scammed by a clone set, follow these tips: 1. Be sure to research the brand before buying – make sure you know what standards GMK sets for their products. 2. Check the quality of the materials – look for high-quality plastic and metal parts that are well finished. 3. Check for correct keycap legends – make sure all keys have the same text size and shape, as well as the same colors (unless specified otherwise). 4. Avoid sets with bulk discounts – these often come with lower quality components that will not last long

Color Accuracy of GMK Clone Keycaps

When it comes to buying keycaps, people usually go for the most colorful ones they can find. However, this might not be the best idea as keyboard enthusiasts often require color accuracy in order to function optimally. To avoid any problems down the line, always make sure you buy from trusted sellers that have a returns policy in place if you are unhappy with your purchase. Secondly, look for an original GMK logo and branding so you don’t run into any trouble later on. And lastly – check the color accuracy of keycaps before taking them home!

What to look for when buying a GMK keycap clone

Buying a GMK keycap clone can be a daunting task, but with the help of this guide, it will be a lot easier. The key is to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source – fake GMK keycaps can be dangerous. Additionally, make sure to look for the appearances listed below to ensure you’re getting a genuine clone. If everything checks out and you’re still not sure, contact the seller for more information. Have fun shopping for your new keyboard keycaps!

How to identify a genuine GMK keycap set

It can be tough to tell the difference between a genuine GMK keycap set and a fake one. That’s why this guide is designed to help you spot the difference. Keep in mind that other telltale signs of a fake set include low-quality printing and incorrect lettering. If the keycap set you’re looking at has an “Authentic GMK” or “GMK LP” sticker on it, it’s most likely a genuine copy. So, if you’re in the market for a set of keycaps and you’re not sure if they’re genuine or not, be sure to check the authenticity of the set before making a purchase. It’ll save you time and hassle in the long run!

GMK vs PBT Keycaps

The PBT keycaps are a clone of the gmk pbt, which was designed and produced by GMK PBT. The contrast between the two series can be seen in some way as Chinese vs Japanese designs. Due to this fact, there is a lot of confusion among new customers that are not familiar with keyboard design or have enough knowledge about both brands, and trying to buy any pbt doesn’t make you look good at all.

Keycap sets have a very limited lifespan as it is. Cleaning and keeping them in good condition will extend their life expectancy. Some keycaps are durable enough to survive tens of thousands of hours, while others might last for just five or six years before they become illegible due to decreased contrast and wear-and-tear on the plastic surface that makes up the lettering spacebar cherry profile.

If you are looking for a comparison between abs vs pbt keycaps then check this article.


The GMK keycaps are known for their high quality and consistent color. Other brands may not be able to provide the same level of accuracy or detail in their caps, even if they look similar on the surface. When looking at a cap, make sure you can see all of the letterings clearly without any blurriness or distortion. The font should also be evenly applied throughout each character, with no discrepancies between letters or parts that shouldn’t have text (like the gap between R and T).

GMK keycaps are available in a variety of colors, including black, silver, and bronze. Other brands may only offer a limited number of color options, or they might not have any at all. It can be difficult to tell the difference between different color shades if you’re not familiar with the terminology used by keyboard manufacturers. However, some tips that will help you differentiate GMK keycaps from other brands include looking for sets that have raised lettering (rather than the flat cap), as well as checking for matching legends and labels on both sides of each cap.

If you find that your keycaps are starting to look signs of age and you don’t want to replace them all at once, there are a few things that you can do to preserve their functionality. Cleaning the keycaps regularly with a damp cloth will help remove dirt, dust, and other debris that could be causing color distortion or wear-and-tear on the plastic surface. You can also try using an anti-static spray before cleaning in order to help prevent static buildup from interfering with the keyboard’s function. If necessary, you can also polish the lettering surface by gently rubbing it down with a clean cloth or a small amount of polish.

GMK Keycaps For Gaming

If you’re looking to buy a gaming keyboard, be sure to consider adding GMK keycaps to your basket. This type of keycap set is known for its high quality and durable construction. They’re perfect for anyone who wants the best possible performance from their keyboard. Furthermore, these caps are made in Germany and use the latest manufacturing techniques. If you want the very best experience when playing games on your PC or Mac, be sure to purchase a GMK gaming keyboard!

GMK Keycaps For Typing

If you’re looking for a set of keycaps that’ll improve your typing skills, be sure to consider buying a GMK set. These caps are designed to provide the optimum level of comfort when typing on a keyboard. Additionally, they have precise lettering and accurate colors that match most standard keyboards. If you’re looking for an improved typing experience, be sure to buy a genuine GMK keycap set! If you’re in the market for a set of keycaps and you’re not sure if they’re genuine or not, be sure to check the authenticity of the set before making a purchase. It’ll save you time and hassle in the long run!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are GMK keycaps doubleshot?

GMK keycaps are not Doubleshot, they are laser etched.

What are the dimensions of a GMK keycap?

The overall dimensions of a GMK keycap set is 63.5 x 47mm

Why is the printing on my GMK keycaps coming off?

If you are using a cloth or paper towel to clean your keyboard, be sure to dry it thoroughly before applying pressure. Applying too much pressure when cleaning can cause the ink to rub off of the keycap surface.

What should I do if I find a GMK keycap clone in my possession?

If you find a GMK keycap clone in your possession, you should contact the keyboard manufacturer to have it destroyed.

How can I tell if a keycap is a GMK clone?

See this keycap profile comparison chart.

What are some tips for avoiding GMK keycaps clones?

Gmk keycaps clones are often made using a 3D printer, which can make it difficult to differentiate between authentic and fake GMK keycaps. It is important to buy from an authorized retailer and to be sure to read the reviews before making a purchase.


Congratulations on your purchase of a GMK keycap set! In this blog post, we will outline the key steps you need to take in order to spot a GMK keycap clone. By following these simple steps, you will be able to avoid getting scammed and buy a genuine GMK keycap set. Thank you for reading!