4 Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard | Detailed Review

If you are looking for the Most expensive Gaming Keyboards in the World, then this article is for you. These keyboards are not only based on their performance but also they have an awesome look and design that will surely catch your attention. All these keyboards are carefully designed to provide the best experience ever while gaming or working on your computer.

The Most Expensive Keyboards in the World has all the unique features which make them different from other gaming keyboard brands out there.

Do you want to play games like a pro? Then, invest your money into gaming keyboards. Quality ones are worth the hype! If not on a tight budget and looking for an amazing product that has all sorts of features.

So gameplay can be even more fantastic then check out our list of expensive ranked best selling products available in this category – we guarantee they won’t disappoint 🙂

With the release of new, high-end gaming keyboards that are perfect for competitive play it’s time to take a look at how they’ll help you accumulate victories.

4 Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard

  • Kirameki Pure Gold
  • Steelseries Apex Pro
  • Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2
  • kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB

Kirameki Pure Gold -Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard

The Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard is a magnificent keyboard that has been handcrafted by some of the world’s finest artisans. It features a full 86 keys and 2 USB ports, making it the most versatile keyboard available.
The gold leaf used to create this keyboard is over years old, making it one of the oldest materials in use today. This ancient design makes every key on this keyboard unique and beautiful. The adjustable base allows you to position your computer monitor at just the right angle for maximum comfort while typing or gaming.
The Kirameki Pure Gold is about the most pointless keyboard to ever exist. It looks pretty bad considering you are buying it on looks alone but hey ho, to each their own!

Features of Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard

Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard is the perfect way to make any day more beautiful. With its gold-color scheme and sleek, chevron design – not even your fingers can help but fall in love with this keyboard!

1: Full (Compact Layout) 86 keys.
2: 2 USBs port.
3: Very Attractive & shiny.
4: If you like gold Colors-it does look kind of cool.
5: Ancient design Fantastic Vibe made from Gold leaf.
6: Adjustable base.


The keyboard is a joke. It looks like something that would have been made in 800AD and I don’t know why anyone would want it, even if gold was your thing! The price tag makes this seem less accessible for most people but at least someone can afford such an outdated design now with their $360 paycheck from Wal-Mart or whatever store they work at because god forbid you actually deserve anything nice once in a while. 🙂

Steelseries Apex Pro – Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard

Steel Series’ Apex Pro is the next generation of mechanical keyboards. It combines a sleek design with the most advanced technology available to give you a premium gaming experience. The Apex Pro features an aluminum frame, which provides strength and rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum.

The keyboard also features programmable key functions, allowing you to tailor every key on the board for your specific needs and giving you more control than ever before.
With SteelSeries Engine software, you can customize individual lighting zones as well as record macros on the fly directly from your keyboard. And of course, The Steel Series Apex Pro is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches.
It also comes with a detachable palm rest, which is great for people who want to use the keyboard at home and don’t need it on the go. The best part about this keyboard is that it has an adjustable backlight, so you can choose between 16.8 million different colors!
There are also three levels of brightness, so if you want to play in the dark or just dim your lights, you can do that as well!

Features of Steelseries Apex Pro

1: Nice sleek design.
2: Aluminum frame (light yet strong).
3: Programmable key functions.
4: Adjustable actuation point.
5: Relatively quiet.
6: Amount of feedback considering it’s quiet.
The Apex Pro is a mechanical keyboard with macro support and RGB lighting. The full-size keyboard features an aluminum faceplate, a tenkeyless design, and Cherry MX switches. It also has onboard memory to store your settings as well as the ability to customize each key’s backlighting color.


This is the best keyboard I’ve ever used. It was really tough for me to decide on a single choice between these models, but after careful consideration of what matters most in my opinion and taking into account Steel Series’ great reputation as well as their durability over time – this one won out hands down!
The weight isn’t too high which makes it easy enough even if you have weak wrists like mine are sometimes prone towards becoming from all that texting with thumbs while juggling multiple other things at once (like work etc).
The backlit keys themselves feel good under your fingers; they’re not soft nor spongy like some cheaper keyboards might be so common nowadays either due

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 – Most Expensive Gaming Keyboard

Professional 2 is the second generation of Happy Hacking Keyboard. It has a different case and adds two spacebars to make it a 60% layout. The Professional 2 is an open-source keyboard, which means that you can modify it to suit your needs.

Professional 2 comes with several layouts: Japanese (with Hiragana/Katakana), USA (with QWERTY), and German (QWERTZ). You can switch between them by pressing Caps Lock + Spacebar simultaneously.
Professional 2 also features various programmable layers, which allow you to easily complete all the hard work or assignments easily even by using pc for a long time.
Happy Hacking keyboards are generally pretty good. They aren’t intended to be used for hacking (maybe a little), that’s just the name they were given.

The high-performance happy hacker boards all have their own unique design and come at an expensive price point – despite this lack of functionalities, these keyboards still look amazing!

Features of Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

The Happy Hacking HP is a stylish and innovative keyboard that manages to do nothing special. The best feature is the Topre switches, which make for an exquisite typing experience—one you won’t find anywhere else!

1: Creative design – looks awesome.
2: Comfortable/Easy to use.
3: 60% Sized Keyboard.
4: Convenient for travel.
5: High-quality Topre switches


This keyboard is priced very high, but I’m not so sure that it’s worth the cost. Some say they love this product because of its luxurious appearance and great quality; however in my opinion any $50 Walmart-brand keyboard will do just as well or better if you’re looking for functionality rather than style over substance
A lot of people think nothing could be more ostentatious than an expensive laptop accessory like their fancy gaming desk (or whatever), but what about those who can’t afford such luxuries? Well, now there are options available!
These low price points make them accessible to everyone regardless of your financial situation which means even small purchases have big repercussions when we talk business ethics – after all.

kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB

The Freestyle Edge RGB is an ergonomic mechanical gaming keyboard that provides a split keyset design. The Freestyle Edge RGB comes with a number of pre-programmed lighting settings and the option to customize your own colors. The keyboard uses Cherry MX Brown switches, which are tactile and quiet. This product has been tested for durability and reliability over 50 million keystrokes and features KINESIS’s limited lifetime warranty.

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB keyboard is one of the best products that you can buy if you’re looking for a unique and ergonomic design. It uses Cherry MX Brown switches, which are tactile and quiet; however, they also feel mushy unless your fingers hit them perfectly in the center.

Features of kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB

Keyboard Description: Ergonomic
Connectivity Technology: USB
Special Feature: Split Keyset Design
Compatible devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS
Colour: RGB MX Brown
Number of Keys: 95
Style: Keyboard
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 15.5 x 10.3 x 1.3 inches
The Kinesis Split Mechanical keyboard has an innovative design that makes it ergonomic and customizable. The split chrome keys make the layout more comfortable, while the high-quality Cherry MX Red switches provide fast response times for greater playability without compromising on control or comfort. This product comes with 95 programmable buttons in two modes (62 standard +33 FN) so you can customize your own preferred scheme effortlessly! It’s compatible with Windows- Mac Linux as well which means this awesome gaming gear will work on any platform from Microsoft Windows through GNU/Linux distributions like Ubuntu Desktop Edition.


This keyboard is perfect for gamers who want to make their own customizations. It features Cherry MX Brown switches and RGB lighting, but you can also get it with other types of keycaps (Cherry MX Red or Blue) if that’s what suits your fancy even better! The solid build ensures durability while still being lightweight enough.
So as not to slow down gameplay too much by adding more weight onto tired hands after an hour-long session playing Counter Strike Global Offensive competitively-leveled rank 24 solo ladder last night without taking a break because everything else was taken up just trying out new builds during practice).
Read More If You want to Know that What factors make a keyboard perfect for gamers and what we Research & So we can enlist these Candidates.

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What Qualifies as a Good Keyboard for Gaming?

How can you know if a keyboard is the best? It all starts with knowing what makes up good quality. You need to be aware of every factor that determines your purchase and how it will affect both performances as well as longevity for use in daily life, school work, or job!


Don’t let a bad layout ruin your typing experience! Check out the design and usability of upcoming keyboards to see if they are easy enough for your fingers. If not, there’s always something that can be done about it like adjusting font sizes or changing up key placement on one side – just keep those adjustments small so as not to irritate yourself while working

Extra Features/ Are these Features Present in Most expensive?

As we are discussing in this review The Most Expensive Keyboard in the World are made with extra features that allow users to personalize their experience. If you’re lucky, there will be lots of options for adding special effects or adjusting colors according to your preferences!
There is a whole lot more information on the Most expensive good gaming keyboard which can help you decide if it’s worth buying this product or not. The Most Expensive Keyboards in the World offers all kinds of different designs and switches so everyone should find something they love out here no matter what their specific tastes are like!

Quality of keys

When it comes to gaming keyboards, the materials used make up one of many qualities that help them stand out. Dynamic Keys display and their quality can have an impact on your experience in-game as well!

Material and Durability

The metal backplates are usually fashioned from durable hardworking steel or titanium for long-lasting durability which makes this type preferred by gamers who value reliability over style points.


You also need to check that what kind of switches are used in this compact keyboard and whether they’re helpful or annoying? In the same way, make sure there’s enough time for review before spending your money. You might want a different type instead!

Reviews from other people are important too – read them carefully so as not to be left unsure about buying products online without ever trying something firsthand.

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