Outemu Switches – A Review of the Best Mechanical Keyboard Switches

If you’re in the market for a switch replacement, then you may be interested in the Outemu switches. These switches are designed to allow you to switch out your key switches without the hassle of soldering or any other special installation requirements. This caters to users who use their keyboards for multiple purposes – gaming, typing, and more. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the key features of the Outemu switches, explain how they work, and tell you which Cherry switches are compatible with them. We also have a comparison table of the Outemu switches with the Cherry switches so that you can make an informed decision on which switch type is best for your needs.

What are Outemu switches?

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard switch, Outemu switches should definitely be at the top of your list. These switches are a new type that offers better performance than traditional mechanical switches. Not only that, but they’re available in both Cherry and Gateron types, which means they have a wide range of uses. The Outemu switches use superior technology that allows you to switch out the key switches without any soldering or special installation requirements. This means that you can replace your tired mechanical switch without having to take your keyboard apart. Simply remove the old switch and install the new one, all with no mess or fuss.

How do Outemu switches work?

Gaming and typing are two of the most popular uses for mechanical keyboard switches. If you’re looking for the best switches out there, look no further than Outemu switches. These switches work better than traditional switches and are available in both Cherry and Gateron types. This means that you can install them on any keyboard, regardless of the manufacturer.
The key feature of Outemu switches is their superior technology. Outemu uses a cutting-edge switching mechanism called “triple actuation”. This ensures consistent switch performance across all keys, even under heavy use conditions. In addition to improved reliability, this also leads to faster response times for gaming and typing scenarios. Whether you’re playing League of Legends or pounding out text in Word, you’ll appreciate the improved performance offered by Outemu switches.

Types Of Outemu Switches

These are the types of Outemu Switches

1)Linear Actuation (LA)

The Linear Actuation switch is the most popular type of Outemu switch. It offers great performance and feedback, making it ideal for gaming and typing. Additionally, this switch has a shorter travel distance than other switches, so you’ll have more control over your keystrokes.

2) Tactile Action (TA)

This switch is perfect if you need a tactile type of feedback while typing. The TA switches give the user an option between light and heavy touch pressure, which provides varying levels of input depending on your needs.

3) Clicky Action (CA)

The CA switch is best for users who want a strong, tactile response every time they hit a key. It provides consistent feedback with every press, making it ideal for gaming and typing applications.

Key features of the Outemu switches

The Key Features of the Outemu Switches include:

1) No Lag or Noise

Outemu switches are the best option for gamers who want to enjoy fast-paced action without any lag or noise. The clicks and tactile responses are unnoticeable by the average person, allowing you to focus on your game without distraction.

2) Fast Key Presses

As we said earlier, the Outemu switch is designed for gaming and typists who want a high-performance switch with no fatigue. Thanks to its linear design, every key press is accurately registered without delay or missed hits.

3) Durable Design

The Outemu switches are built with durable aluminum housing, which ensures your keys will last longer than standard rubber dome keyboards.

4) Customizable Options

Unlike other switches that come preset, the Outemu switches are fully customizable to fit your unique needs. You can choose between different types of tactile feedback, key presses, and even backlighting colors.

Installing Outemu Switches

To install the Outemu Switches follow these steps :
1) Remove the existing keyboard or switch. If you’re replacing an existing keyboard, remove all of the screws and detach any cables. Be sure to label each screw so that you can reattach it in the same location when installing your new switches.
2) Place your new Outemu Switches on a clean surface and line them up with the detachable connector ports (located at either end of each switch). Make sure that both pins are facing outwards; if not, flip them over before inserting them into their respective ports.
3) Reattach any cables and screws, then plug in your keyboard or switch. Be sure to test each keystroke before fully reassembling your device for optimal comfort.

Which Cherry switches are compatible with Outemu Switches?

If you’re looking for a keyboard switch that offers great tactile feedback and is compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboards, the Outemu switch is the perfect option. Outemu switches are compatible with Cherry MX switches, but not all of them. If you’re looking to buy a keyboard that uses Double Shot Keycaps then make sure to get an Outemu switch. Some popular Cherry switches that are compatible with Outemu Switches include the MX Brown and BlueSwitch Black Widow editions. Make sure to check the compatibility before you buy. Aside from cherry switches, Outemu switches are also compatible with linear switches, keycaps, and key switches. So, whether you’re looking for a keyboard switch for your mechanical keyboard, gaming keyboard, or any other keyboard, the Outemu switch is a great choice.

Are Outemu switches compatible with Granvela, MechanicalEagle, Eagletec, and Regragon keyboards?

Switches are one of the key components of any keyboard. They act as the interface between the keyboard and the keyboard user and affect the overall performance of the keyboard. If you’re looking to upgrade your keyboard, outemu switches are a popular choice. Outemu switches come in a variety of flavors, and they’re compatible with Granvela, MechanicalEagle, Eagletec, and Redragon keyboards. Keep in mind that not all Granvela, MechanicalEagle, Eagletec keyboards, and Redragon Keyboards are compatible with outemu switches. Before making the switch, be sure to do some research and find out which switches your keyboard uses. Once you know, you can start enjoying the benefits of better gaming performance with an outemu switch-compatible keyboard.

Some Best Outemu Switches

1. Outemu BlueSwitch Black Widow edition
2. Outemu Redragon YQ-BKL-09D Linear Switch
3. MX Brown and BlueSwitch Black Widow editions
4. Gateron Switch

Pros and Cons of Outemu Switches

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Are Outemu switches good?

Conclusion. Although being a Cherry MX clone, Outemu switches can be an excellent switch for those trying to save money on their next mechanical keyboard. While not as good as Cherry MX switches, Outemu offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to balancing price, performance, and durability.

Are Outemu switches clicky?

Outemu Blue Switches are the popular clicky switches, available on most keyboards. They’re popular as cheaper, shorter travel, higher pitched sounding MX blues alternatives. Key Notes: Sound: A higher pitched, rattle-y sound compared to MX.

Can Cherry MX switches fit in Outemu?

Yes. It will work as Outemu switches are a good alternative to Cherry MX switches, which are known to fit compatibly with the PBT keycap set.


If you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboard switches out there, then you should definitely check out the Outemu switches. These switches are designed to provide users with tactile and clicky feedback, making typing on a keyboard a pleasure. In addition to this, the key features of the Outemu switches include durability and a long lifespan. So if you’re in the market for a new keyboard switch, make sure to consider the Outemu switches.