What Is a Gasket-Mounted Keyboard? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

What Is a Gasket-Mounted Keyboard

A gasket-mounted keyboard is a type of keyboard that is attached to the machine using silicone or rubber. This type of keyboard is often considered to be more comfortable because it prevents the keystroke from being transmitted directly to the board. This means that your fingers will be less fatigued when you are typing for … Read more

The Best Analog Keyboards – A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Analog Keyboards

The Best Analog keyboards are considered to be the future of gaming keyboards because they provide a smooth response to the game console controller. This makes gaming more enjoyable and allows you to focus on the game at hand. Additionally, analog keyboards are considered to be better for gaming because they are more responsive than … Read more

What is a Custom Keyboard- A Complete Guide

What is a Custom Keyboard

A custom keyboard is a great way to add some personalization to your computing experience. With a custom keyboard, you can choose the layout and key size that best suits your needs. You can also personalize the colors and design of the keys. Plus, custom keyboards are available in both wired and wireless formats, so … Read more

What Keyboard Layout Should You Use- A Complete Guidance

What Keyboard Layout Should You Use

What Keyboard Layout Should You Use? There are a lot of different keyboard layouts out there, and it can be really confusing which one to choose. In this article, we’ll help you decide which keyboard layout is best for you, based on your personal preferences. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get … Read more

1800 compact keyboard | 2 Best options


If you are looking for an 1800 compact keyboard with Exact 100 keys and a minimal attractive design. this keyboard also fits in your hand and you can type easily and accurately without any accidental press. then you came to the right place. because we have enlisted all those keyboards which full fill your requirements. … Read more

Different types of keyboards for computers

Different types of keyboards for computers

There are different types of keyboards for computers available in the market nowadays, but which one is best? That all depends on what you need. This article will discuss different keyboard types and the different features that they have to offer so that you can decide which keyboard is best for your needs. There are … Read more

Difference: Gaming keyboard vs Regular keyboard

Difference: Gaming keyboard vs Regular Keyboard Short Difference: Gaming keyboard vs Regular Keyboard Video Suggestion : FAQ,s Conclusion- Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard It’s no wonder that gaming keyboards are popular. With all of these customization options and extra features, the difference between them will be noticeable to any player! But We End all on … Read more