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Today we are Delivering you the Royal Kludge rk61 review. Royal Kludge is a company that focuses on providing budget keyboards with RGB lighting. Royal KLUDGE RK61 is one of the best Royal Kludge products, and today we will review it! It is a 60% compact keyboard with mediocre ergonomics. Royal KLUDGE has decent typing quality because of the tactile Royal Kludge Brown switches. Royal KLUDGE RK61 is an excellent budget wireless keyboard, but it has some flaws. Royal Kludge RK61 Review: Great Budget 60%.

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Description: Today, we are going to review Royal Kludge Rk61. The Best Wireless and RGB lighting Combo. It is a 60% Compact Keyboard with mediocre ergonomics. Royal KLUDGE has a decent typing Quality because of the tactile Royal brown switches. Keywords to include:-

Royal kludge RK61 review

The Best Wireless and RGB lighting Combo. It is a 60% Compact Keyboard with mediocre ergonomics. Royal KLUDGE has a decent typing Quality because of tactile RK Brown switches. Some Extra Hotkeys and also do not produce any noise while typing. Let’s move into more details.
The Royal Kludge RK61 may be the best budget 60% keyboard on the market. With its size and abilities, this would make for an impressive gaming border or entry-level mechanical one for someone new to buy in their collection with many coveted features at such low prices!

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is a compact, wireless gaming keyboard with decent typing quality. It has RGB lighting and tactile RK Brown switches that are perfect for gaming. It has a 60% Compact design with full-size keys. The backlight of the gaming keyboard comes in 16 million colors which you can customize according to your taste. Let’s Move on to its Features.


Height  1.6″ (4.1 cm)
Width 11.5″ (29.1 cm)
Depth  4.0″ (10.1 cm)
Depth With Wrist Rest  N/A
Weight  1.28 lbs (0.579 kg)
This compact 60% keyboard is a steal for those looking to save space and weight. It’s even lighter than other keyboards so that it won’t take up as much room in your bag or backpack!

Build Quality 

The build quality is good. This variant has a plastic frame with a metal base plate that feels solid, and there’s an aluminum one too! The ABS keycaps are advertised as Doubleshot, but only the top half seems like it is while the sides aren’t. They also flex easily under pressure from typing on them, making for less comfortable inserts in your fingers after long periods.
Does it Royal kludge Rk61 Comes with Rubber Feet?
There are four rubber feet underneath each side of this keyboard explicitly designed to keep it stationary during regular use; unfortunately, you can still notice all those wobbly parts even when not using their keyboards flat against desktops, so I would recommend placing them.


The Royal Kludge RK61 keyboard has No wrist rest and an incline of 6.5 degrees or less than desirable for typing comfort-wise, but it’s still better than flat keyboards, right? Wrong! This Straight board design with mediocre ergonomics comes at a cost – high profile causes strain on your hands if you use long periods without palm support.
Try not to type too fast because mistakes happen easier when tired of holding up these heavy devices all day. But if you want this for general use, then this keyboard is perfect for You!
Same Keyboard But With RGB Lights (Different Variant)


As this is a budget compact gaming keyboard, there is Backlighting on this keyboard, but it has a specific blue color! That’s good because if not, we can always use the other colors and give our keyboards some variety. Although individually lit keys are available for those who want them without any mixing of colors–the white variant uses bright backlit with individual LEDs & lighting effects are also Available in this Keyboard!


The royal kludge rk61 The total travel is 4.1mm & can give you a tactile feel because of tactile RK Brown Switches. Although you need to use the force of 48/55 for actuation/operating while working on this keyboard.
Function Keys/Switches?
You can get the Royal Kludge RK61 with brown switches, clicky blue or linear red. A new feature is that these have awesome tactile bumps. It’s hot-swappable, meaning you’re able to use any three-pin switch for it! We tested these different types and found that they were inconsistent when pressing down specific keys; some had pretravel distances ranging from 1mm – 2+ mm while others ranged anywhere between 0.8″ -1 3/4″.
Dedicated Arrow Keys
Although Dedicated arrow Keys/Function key performed Well and can be easily accessible Press Down Because these are in the ideal range of our hands.

Wireless Connectivity

Royal kludge rk61 is a Bluetooth device and the Bluetooth mode of ROYAL KLUDGE’s claim to fame is 10-hour battery life. With two different versions of their wireless connectivity product, one with integrated Bluetooth and another that requires an additional receiver for wireless operation, it would seem as though they have plans for all occasions!
Royal kludge offers many options in terms of device compatibility: there are up to three devices you can pair at once over Bluetooth connectivity or 2d4ghz range on.

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“The ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 has a decent Performance.” However For Gaming Experience as well as you can use it for work (office use). The keyboard’s brown switches (cherry Mx Switches) offer good tactile feedback, and even though typing feels slower than other mechanical keyboards, it is still okay. Despite being compact, the critical spacing of this unit seems standard for most people who will not find themselves cramped or anxious while using them compared with bigger, more expensive models on the market today since all keys have a wobbly feel which makes noticeable during prolonged sessions at least until you get used to it.

The no wrist rest also poses some problems due to one’s wrists becoming tired after extended periods spent sitting down whether it’s working from home office job etc.,


The packaging for the Royal Kludge K1 Pro mechanical keyboard is very basic and unassuming. The only logo on it comes in form of a simple white rectangle with thin black lettering reading “Kludge.” Opening up this package will reveal your brand new Keyboard resting comfortably inside an inner sleeve made out of the plastic film, giving you peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen during transport or even while using its durability would not be compromised by potential damages.

In the Box

The box contains the following:
1x MicroUSB cable (for charging and connectivity)
A user manual
A quality confirmation card and,
A keycap remover (in the RGB version only)

The royal kludge rk61 keyboard is not much to talk about in the beginning, just some basics. You don’t get anything special from such an affordable product and that’s why it has become so popular among budget-conscious people who want something basic for their work or home office needs without having to spend too much money on buying one hefty item. The old-school cardboard box (Word Uses to define Simplicity of Box) caught my eye because you won’t see many Companies rely purely on their products themselves when advertising them.
That was refreshing! And hey; if this helps promote more sales then I am all good with what came out of our design sessions today (although at first glance they may look rather boring!). Keycap remover? Not every manufacturer supplies these luckily which shocked me but this is I Think Outstanding in its budget. Want to Order?

Pros & Cons

The product is very cheap at about 35$-40$. It features blue mechanical switches, supports three devices that you can swap between and it’s wireless. With a consistent battery life of up to 50 hours on one charge (or more!), this keyboard has durable build quality–and there is no shortage of LED lighting effects or custom profiles for users who want their computer set just how they like it!
Some drawbacks include its limited device compatibility as well as some mushy keys near the spacebar but otherwise, these things should hardly matter in day-to operation since typing will feel so natural anyway thanks largely because they allow us to get these features to utilize in this budget range.
Although, The Royal kludge RK61 is a keyboard that lacks the ability to adjust angles for typing, making many functions on any basic keyboard harder. Not only do you have to use your function key along with arrow keys or delete button if it’s available–the DELETE requires this extra step in order to work properly! It gets even more annoying when trying out different modes because pressing Fn+Shift will switch between them without warning e.t.c

When it comes to keyboard design, there’s no such thing as too many buttons. The Keyboard Review tells you exactly where each and every key falls without any confusion or wasted time without irrelevant information (is this is a black keyboard ).
This might be because the makers knew that this product was not meant for gaming use; otherwise we would see more complicated functions like macro programming instead of basic typing!

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Mechanical Keyboards Vibes?

As we know that mechanical keyboards produce sound while typing. Royal kludge rk61 can give a user a modern and futuristic feel, but this keyboard does not make any noise when you type on it. You may be able to hear some clicks or pops if your switch is changed, however- though they’re nowhere near as satisfying!

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Royal Kludge For Gamers?

Sadly, the latency is a bit too high for competitive gamers. However, you shouldn’t notice any delay when typing! By the way, If your looking to play games on an average basis or need something like work that requires normal access then this may not be ideal but it is Good.

Now Further We Move Onto General Features (read this If You want more Clarity about this Product)

Who’s Deserve this?

This keyboard will appeal to non-gamers more than dedicated gamers. One of the reasons for that is simply because there’s input lag, which makes it almost impossible to enjoy gameplay or even execute properly in some cases with certain games like Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CSGO).
It was not built specifically made for gamers; however, using a wired connection eliminates this problem making sense when choosing between these two options since they both cost about the same price-wise but offer different benefits depending upon your needs at the time(s)?

Does royal kludge rk61 is the wired mode keyboard?

No, Royal kludge does not have a wired mode.

What is the size of this keyboard?

This is the standard layout compact size keyboard.

Does this keyboard has Backlighting?

It does not come with RGB Backlighting/lighting modes. However, it has blue backlighting which I think is a great feature.

What is the Price of Royal Kludge RK61

At under 40$, the price really isn’t bad at all so if you want connectivity or just need something simple enough to use while on your phone/laptop then by all means take advantage because guess what? YOU WON’T GET ANYWHERE WITHOUT IT!!

The main market you probably assume will have a genuine need for this is people who want to go wireless. Now they can seamlessly switch between setups and don’t have to deal with wired keyboards every time there’s an audience change or because your friend came over!

The reason I’m guessing that most of us are getting this isn’t just so we could use the same keyboard everywhere- though maybe some do enjoy these things ;), but rather wanting something easier when it comes down towards switching devices around constantly during events where connectivity may be spotty at best (think music festivals).

The Royal Kludge is a mechanical keyboard with lights and effects. It can be used for gaming (Not Professional), office work, or as an accessory to your Smart TV/ PC/ Laptop! Connect the device via Bluetooth 4.0; we recommend connecting it through an app called Lightify on iOS (iPad) and Android devices – no need any more download extra utilities separately like earlier models did because this one does everything you want in just 2 apps

The Royal KLUDGE presents itself not only aesthetically but also functionally: You’ll find two different color choices that match whatever mood strikes you at any given time while working outside during daylight hours versus late evening hours when things get darker quickly


The Royal Kludge RK61 wireless mechanical keyboard is a very high-quality product with great performance. You get LED lighting and built-in effects that can be easily switched between up to three devices without any trouble, making life easy for you! This makes it good enough even if gaming isn’t on your agenda because input lag will make this experience less than ideal regardless of whether wired or not – so buy dedicated keysets only when necessary (though they may come at a higher price).

The product itself is a massive success in our minds. You get way more than you pay for especially considering rival products being super expensive and with this one, it’s even better since everything can be done wirelessly!