The Best Analog Keyboards – A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Analog keyboards are considered to be the future of gaming keyboards because they provide a smooth response to the game console controller. This makes gaming more enjoyable and allows you to focus on the game at hand. Additionally, analog keyboards are considered to be better for gaming because they are more responsive than mechanical keyboards and allow for faster movement in games.

However, there are some disadvantages to using analog keyboards. First, analog keyboards are often more expensive than mechanical keyboards. Second, analog keyboards may not be compatible with all games. Finally, analog keyboards may require more maintenance than mechanical keyboards. Overall, if you’re looking for the best gaming experience possible, an analog keyboard may be the perfect choice for you.

The Best Analog Keyboards

What is an analog keyboard?

If you’re a musician or anyone who wants to type quickly and accurately, an analog keyboard is a perfect option. They come in different layouts, so it’s important to find the perfect one for your needs. Additionally, analog keyboards are great for people who want a traditional typing experience. They’re also perfect for people who want to avoid the hassle of touchscreens and the potential for mistakes. An analog keyboard is an investment, but it’s worth it in the long run!

Keyboards vs. Mechanical Keyboards

When it comes to typing on keyboards, there are two main types – analog and mechanical. Many people prefer the analog keyboard because it’s easier to type on. Additionally, the type of keyboard is more traditional and uses physical keys to input text.

Mechanical keyboards are becoming more popular these days due to their responsiveness and adjustable backlight illumination. It can be difficult to determine which type of keyboard would be best for you, so its important to try them out and see what feels best. Once you find the keyboard that suits your typing needs, make sure to keep it charged with a good keyboard case

Analog Keyboards vs Digital Keyboards

Digital keyboards are becoming more and more popular, but they’re not ideal for everyone. Digital keyboards rely on touchscreens to input text, which can be a bit of a hassle if you want to type quickly. Additionally, digital keyboards may not be compatible with all games or have features that analog keys offer. If you’re looking for the most authentic gaming experience possible, an analog keyboard may be the best option for you.

How To find the best keyboard for your needs

Luckily, finding the best keyboard is easier than you might think. An important aspect to consider when searching for a new keyboard should be your typing needs and personal style…

These factors will make it much easier to determine which type of keybaord would work best for you! At Typewolf, we try our hands on many different models that’s why we are able to give recommendations based on what each person has tried.

However, there are a few other things to consider during your search that might make choosing a keyboard feel more natural, especially if you didn’t know what to look for. Keep these factors in mind while finding the best keyboard

1. Size

The first factor that can determine the way you type is your hand size or what they’re named: Small, medium, large, etc… A smaller keyboard might be easier to use when compared to a larger one because there are fewer keys so you must reposition yourself often; this usually happens for gaming keyboards primarily since their key shapes are more standardized and do not require many fine motor skills in order to accurately hit the appropriate button on the keyboard.

2. Weight

Nowadays, many keyboards are made of plastic or aluminum to reduce weight rather than having a solid and heavy build that most companies tend to use nowadays (somewhat similar to how laptops used top-load hard drives before Samsung came out with their own brand).

It might seem like saving a few grams on your precious gaming equipment is nothing but as a frequently playing gamer, you should consider this aspect when choosing which type of keyboard would work best for you.

That doesn’t mean that the keyboard itself should be too light either, but some companies use so-called ‘zero terminal force’ keyboards which means they absolutely won’t cause any fatigue even after long usage; however as I said earlier, lighter weighted plastic is usually out of business as there’s a huge possibility it could break or snap if used daily.

3: Illumination

Many keyboards nowadays have different lighting patterns and can adjust it to suit different games or other situations. But for daily typing which is the primary function of almost every gaming keyboard out in the market today, you really shouldn’t bother playing a lights show whenever not using your rig but rather just hit Enter/Spacebar if it doesn’t work at all without even disturbing whatever game you’re currently running presently.

My personal favorite: Logitech G610  (review here) 4. Backlighting I’m assuming most people would want a keyboard with backlighting as you will probably be using them during night games or late hours. You also may need this feature when traveling on flights where mechanical keyboards cannot work (to avoid any potential issues ). But here’s the thing, some companies opt to make their backlight only visible from certain angles and across various levels which can cause a distraction for other players at LAN events due to different color combinations. And although I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, some people may not appreciate it.

Are Analog Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Gamers swear by analog gaming keyboards for a variety of reasons. Not only are they more comfortable to use, but analog keyboards also offer a more tactile experience. Many gamers prefer the layout because it provides a better grip and control. Additionally, the keywording is in the same place on both sides of the keyboard, making it easier to learn and remember. If you’re in the market for a new gaming keyboard, analog boards may be worth considering!

How are analog keyboards different from other gaming keyboards?

Gaming keyboards are essential for gamers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned pro, an analog keyboard is a must-have. They’re different from other gaming keyboards because they have more keys per row, which makes navigation and response times much faster.

Moreover, analog keyboards are known for their great response time, meaning you won’t miss any important key presses during your games. Additionally, analog keyboards are durable, so you can use them for years without having to worry about the keyboard circuitry or buttons. Whether you’re looking for a better gaming experience, or just want an extra edge in your games, try out an analog keyboard today!

Types of analog keyboards

An analog keyboard is a keyboard that uses analog keys. There are three types of analog keyboards – plug n play, wireless, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth keyboards require an app on your smartphone or tablet for connection – this is the most portable option.

Wireless keyboards have a receiver that you place near your keyboard and a transmitter that you hang on the wall or situate in another room. Plug n play is the simplest to set up – just connect it to your computer. whichever keyboard you choose, make sure to get the best one for your needs – that means finding the right type of keyboard for your gaming needs, typing needs, and multimedia needs.

Analog Keyboard Brands

Top Analog Keyboard Brands are as follows.

1. Acer Keyboards

If you’re looking for a well-reviewed, affordable analog keyboard with the included backlighting, the Liquid Elegance or Wireless Elite keyboards from Acer are great options for your next purchase! Read our full review.

2. AKiTiO Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo
The Akitio Thunder TK and ROG Strix Z370 offer some of the best analog keyboard gaming peripherals money can buy. Finish your rig with a full-size mouse and use this combo for the best in desktop PC performance.

3. Artisan & Artist Mechanical Keyboard – Brown
The Mercury Brown is one of the most affordable mechanical keyboards you’ll find on Amazon at just $24, yet its quality exceeds many more expensive models by over 1000%. It even has copper under low illumination, which means that there are portions of the keyboard illuminated by lighting underneath. This can only be found on higher-end models, but it’s included with the Artisan & Artist mechanical keyboard for a great price point! Finish off your rig with this androids go to an analog gaming keyboard.

4. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Gaming Chiclet Keyboards
Choose between these 2 keyboards!  Both offer premium Cherry MX switches, which give you an amazing gaming performance, with no noise whatsoever and a lifetime warranty! Plus both come with backlit keys, lighting effects controlled via the Das Keyboard software, or included multimedia hotkeys. Choose between these two keyboards in our mechanical keyboard roundup. Read our full review on the Artisan Mechanical Keyboard if you want one of my top picks in this category.

5. Logitech G910 Orion Spark
The RGB Cherry MX switches are what sets this keyboard apart and, with Logitech’s most advanced design yet, it all comes together nicely. The Orion Spark uses a bright multicolor LED matrix to light up the keycaps from underneath so you can have your keyboard speak to you as well! Read our full review.

6. Razer BlackWidow Chroma

This is where RGB gaming keyboards really shine because when combined with custom software for Windows or Mac that supports this feature (listed in the product page), you can have every key on your keyboard change color based on what’s happening in your game! It also has an ultra-fast 1ms response time so you’ll be able to keep up with the action without any lag whatsoever.
7. Corsair K70 RGB
The K70 RGB is a great all-around choice for those who want a gaming keyboard that does it all, from full-size keys and WASD/ QWERTY layouts to Cherry MX Brown switches and backlit illumination. It also includes dedicated media controls and a built-in USB port so you can easily plug in your gaming mouse.
8. Wooting
If you’re looking for a keyboard that is specifically designed for PC gaming, then the Wooting One could be perfect for you! This has dedicated media controls and individual RGB backlighting so you can personalize your keyboard to perfection. Plus it also comes with an extra set of keycaps in case you damage or lose any of them.

Pros and Cons

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What does an analog keyboard do?

An analog keyboard uses mechanical switches instead of electronic ones. This means that the keys register when you hit them and they give a more physical typing experience.

What is an analog gaming keyboard?

An analog gaming keyboard is a specialized type of keyboard that is typically designed for video gamers. They often have extra features, like macro buttons and anti-ghosting technology, that make them more suited for the intense gameplay experiences required of this genre.

Are Analog Keyboards Useful For Typing?

No, mechanical keyboards are not analog. They use electronic switches instead of mechanical ones.

Are Analog Keyboards Useful For Typing?

There are many people who use analog keyboards for typing because they find them more comfortable to use. Analog keyboards often have a better response time, which makes it easier to type quickly. They’re also less fatiguing than digital keyboards, so you can work longer hours without fatigue setting in. Additionally, analog keyboards don’t provide any visual feedback when you’re typing – this means that if you make a mistake, it’s harder to identify and correct it.


Analog gaming keyboards offer a more tactile and physical typing experience that is perfect for those who want to play video games on the highest level. They often come with extra features like macro buttons and anti-ghosting technology, so you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition. So if you’re looking for a great gaming keyboard, take a look at all of our recommendations above!