Why external keyboards are better than laptop keyboards – Expert Guide

In today’s age, most people have switched over to laptops to enjoy the convenience of working from anywhere, but not everyone has given up on the old style keyboard.

External keyboards are better than laptop keyboards. But the question is: why? You’d think that external keyboards would be inferior to laptops, but there are some reasons why external keyboards are better. And if you’re still unsure which type of keyboard to get, you’re probably thinking: “Is there an external keyboard that’s actually better than my laptop keyboard?”

Why external keyboards are better than laptop keyboards

While most people know that laptop keyboards suck, they often don’t know why. But they should! Let’s take a look at the science behind keyboard design and find out what makes external keyboards superior to laptop keyboards.

Why external keyboards are superior

External keyboards are built to last, and they’re built to function. They’re designed to withstand the rigors of heavy usage and abuse. Internal keyboards are made of inferior materials and are prone to failure. They’re not built to handle the long hours of daily typing, and they’re not designed to endure the damage done by an overly hard or rough touch.

How to choose the right keyboard for you

With that said, keyboards are not just for typing. They’re also about your ergonomics, your workflow and your habits. There’s a reason why most people are familiar with Apple’s Macbook Pro keyboard. It’s comfortable to use, easy to customize, and designed to help you perform better, be more efficient and productive. So, if you’re looking for a good keyboard, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on one of those fancy ergonomic keyboards. The best keyboards are usually sold for under $200 and, in fact, some of them even come with a two-year warranty.

Keyboards for different uses

In recent years, it’s become popular to buy fancy new keyboards for all kinds of purposes. The idea behind them is that you can type better and more accurately with the new keyboard. But it’s tough to say whether or not there’s any truth to this claim. There’s no doubt that keyboards can be used for typing speed. But whether you type faster because you have a better keyboard or if it’s just because you’re using a better keyboard is up for debate. Either way, keyboards are an important part of how we type, and you should make sure yours is set up correctly.

Pros & Cons of a Laptop keyboards 

Pros & Cons of a External keyboards

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What’s the difference between an external keyboard and a laptop keyboard?

An external keyboard has a separate power supply and is connected to your computer via a USB port. A laptop keyboard is built into the computer and has its own power supply.

Which one is better?

It depends on your needs. If you need to type a lot, then an external keyboard is better. If you don’t need to type a lot, then a laptop keyboard is better

Do I need both?

You can use an external keyboard with your laptop.

Do I need to charge them?

External keyboards have their own batteries. If you use them all day, they will need to be charged at night.

How do I clean them?

There are special cleaning solutions that are designed for keyboards. You should also wipe them down with a soft cloth.

Is there a difference between regular keyboards and gaming keyboards?

A regular keyboard has keys that are used for typing, but a gaming keyboard has extra keys that are used for gaming.

What’s the difference between a wireless and wired keyboard?

A wireless keyboard uses a USB cord to connect to your computer. A wired keyboard is connected to your computer using an Ethernet cable.


In conclusion, the most important thing to remember is that while you can type much faster on a mechanical keyboard than a laptop keyboard, the real benefits of a good external keyboard are in the form of increased accuracy and improved typing comfort. And when you consider the amount of time you spend on a computer and the time you save by reducing errors and improving your typing speed, an external keyboard can make a huge difference.